Strength or Strategy? | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Strength or Strategy? | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
When you look back and realize that you are not getting the kind of results you desire to get then you should ask yourself a question. Have you been using strength or strategy in the bid to get what you want? If you have been using strength then you should not be surprised that you do not have more results than you already have.
Imagine a scenario when two people decided to go into public speaking. The two of them are equally good with diction and elocution, presentation skills, stage presence, skills for audience analysis and every other professional skill needed in speaking because they have been trained. One year down the line the two speakers were reviewed to see how they were doing and the result you get is that one is doing really fine and the other is struggling then you decide to ask, why? After careful observation you then discover that the speaker who is doing well is partnering with other speakers and sharing platforms with them. This has helped him to gain more platforms and consequently more money. On the other hand, the second speaker keeps organizing seminars and conferences and barely gets people to come or he is waiting for speaking engagements so he is always broke.
You will observe that the problem is not with skills from the two speakers. Its only that one was smart enough to get started on the platforms of others rather than starting his platforms. It is a wise thing to start your own platforms but you will be using a lot of strength to get things done if you do not engage partnership. You can even start with working with other people, gain grounds and occasionally try things on your own until you have enough weight to stand alone.
Recently I heard Sam Adeyemi say, you do not need to put more stress on your life to make more money. By implication what you really need is not additional work but additional strategy. When you have done something for a long time and you see it is not working there has to be something else to do. You should not use up all your energy before you realize that it is not strength that you need to get things done.
There are people who are very hard working and everybody around them can testify to the fact that they are hard working but the results in their lives do not really show they are hard working. You will also find people who seem to take life so easy and are not doing too many energetic work but they are so prosperous. Those who do little work but are legitimately prosperous understand the fact that what you need to engage is strategy.
We need to even look at the words strength and strategy in different perspective. When all you do is to work with strength then it means that strength is about foolishly working and believing that only what you do will give you the results that you desire. What then will strategy be? Its about understanding the fact that you can get more out of life by willingly engaging the platforms of others where you have to make an input but get far more than you are putting. For some people the only reason they will not engage strategy is because they are not humble enough to learn.
From this moment you must keep asking yourself, in everything you do, what strategy am I engaging? Until that is clear you should know that you are only using strength and you will need to spend more time trying to achieve something but with no guarantee for results!
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