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You may have heard that no man is an Island but it really does not seem to be clear to a lot of people. When you observe how people go about their activities on daily basis you will realize that there are too many people who do not value relationships. We talk to people anyhow and treat them anyhow. We forget too easily that we will soon need this people for one thing or the other. The interesting thing is that there are so many quotations about handling relationships well. We all seem to know those quotations when we are at the receiving end of some kind of wickedness. At that point in time we sound like saints who have not done anything wrong to other people or who have not overlooked the importance of a relationship with someone.
Sometimes it is because we are myopic that we devalue the relationships we have with some people. We look at them as ordinary people and we think that because they are ordinary people there is nothing they can do for us or there is no way they can make a difference in our lives. We should not only relate with people today based on our perceived possible benefits or impact from their relationship. Until we begin to value the relationship with other people we will not progress with certain things in our own lives.
Relationships move us forward in life. Relationships are the ladders that we climb to get to the top in any chosen endeavour. Every relationship counts regardless of how insignificant it appears on the surface. It is when your relationship is right with people that some people pass recommendations for you without your knowledge. There will be people who are ready to make things happen for you and go as far as you cannot imagine but you must have strengthened your relationship with them before that can happen.
I dare say that anyone without any strong relationship with other people has no life. Although it appears as if you have a life of your own but you will admit that there is no way you can have a good life without other people. You cannot even survive living without other people. Many of us even underrate the value of the relationship we have with some people and when they are gone for a few weeks or just days, we begin to see how important it is for them to be around.
There are other people who also refer to themselves as ‘self-made.’ When I hear some say that I keep trying to imagine how possible it is to be self made. From the day you were born you had people helping you. If those people left you when you were born there is no way you would have grown up and be talking about being self made. Someone fed you and catered for you even if they were not your parents until you could talk and think well enough to take your own decisions. Even when you have made all the money in the world, it is still foolishness to think that you made it without others. How did you start making money if not by the contributions of other people? Don’t you think that the people who contributed to your being wealthy could have frustrated your efforts or even stolen everything you have?
Every wise person understands the importance of relationships and also values them. It is also not enough to understand that relationship is important. You have to make deliberate efforts to strengthen the relationships. The kind of relationships you have today will go a long way to determine who you will become tomorrow and that is one reasons out of many that you should strengthen those relationships.
You will always need other people to get on in life! Wisdom therefore demands that you value having them around you or in your network!

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