Strong Men That Breast Feed! Fola Daniel Adelesi

When things are rosy we all have the courage to talk about the things we think we can do and the things we think we cannot do. The irony of it all is that we seldom talk about the things we think we cannot do and most time over exagerate the capacity we have for the things we think we can do. It goes on and on for some time until life wants to teach us one of its numerous lessons.
You probably have an idea of what I am talking about if you are a salesperson who has bragged about being able to sell about 1000 products and you are barely selling 200 products a few days to the deadline. The one that particularly resonates with me as a public speaker is when I get on stage and begin to scream, ‘don’t give up. It’s not over until its over’ but deep down inside of me I need the motivation that I am giving to the people who are listening to me and in many cases I think I need the motivation more than they do.
Sometimes your dad asked you to forget about something not because it was a bad idea to discuss it but it was really difficult to admit that you asked a question that would require racking your brain for ages almost without and answer or better still get more confused with the answers you are going to get.
Some people will never take a break in their places of work not because they do not have money for launch but they hide under the cover of “too many things to do – busy schedule” to shy away from that inner weakness that problems has made out of them because the real problem is that they live with people but they are not just isolated but “distantly isolated” from the people that seem so close.
As for you who think you are really strong, I may not have touched on the things bogging you but you know you are a strong man breastfeeding on “eating away your problem.” The reason you had to eat was not because you were hungry but because you got so bitter with yourself.
We all walk around pretending things are fine especially because we have some great clothings to help with the camouflaging all of the time. I have, over and over again, been a motivator who needs motivation.
You will be suprised that many of the men that parade biceps and broad chest are actually shying away from their inner emotional imbalance and they need some physique to make everybody think that they are strong. My problem now is that someone who is weak has forgotten or does not even know that it is a weakness to have a weakness and try cover it up with activities that can’t drive it away but rather get you deeper in the mess.
Fola Daniel Adelesi.

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