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As husband and wife or as people in a relationship and intending to get married, there is no point you have to prove to each other so long as it does not help both of you to become stronger together. It is only when you are together that you can become stronger. The Bible clearly says that one will chase a thousand and two will chase ten thousand. So if you as a man or woman can do a great business on your own, imagine what you can do in company of your husband or wife whose power of multiplication will help chase ten thousand.
Please note that there is a principle or a rule called divide and rule. Some very strategic politicians use this tactic a lot in order maintain control in some of the places that they want to rule. In the principle of divide and rule, the person trying to use it knows he must win over some people to himself. So long as he wins those people over, he will have the major control.
It’s also like saying make sure these people do not have unity. Once they have unity you can’t get in between them and once you can’t get in between them you cannot rule the house or the marriage. So understand that someone is trying to make sure that your unity does not stand or that the unity you have lost is not restored. So long as that unity is not restored, the enemies will have the major control over your marital affairs.
You must never let the principle of divide and rule work against your marriage. This is one of the reasons that unity is a must in all homes and in all relationships. If you know the popular story of the tower of babel, you will also understand what I am talking about. Some people came together and agreed to build a tower whose top will reach into the heavens. Even God had to admit that so long as these people are one, nobody will be able to stop them from doing what they intend to do. But God needed to stop them. So what did he do? God used the strongest to for unity, communication, against them. He made sure they did not understand each other so it became impossible to achieve their set out goal. You may also want to call that divide and rule.
Today in many homes, the devil is also using communication as the weapon to break unity. Couples who used to love each other and were head over hills for each other no longer communicate. They don’t speak the same language. They also don’t understand that the devil is using the divide and rule principle. So long as he thrives with the divide and rule principle, your home may never know the unity or peace you have started with.
All of these can happen only when you or your spouse has forgotten that you are stronger together. Nobody should be able to get in between you or break the bond that you have. No one must see through you or know what’s going on between you. Keep talking no matter what happens. Keep going together. Keep waxing stronger.
When you stay together it is easier to achieve together. If you are going to leave the petty things and focus on the big matters you will realize that all other things do not matter. Why would you even want to fight each other in the first place?
Have you seen homes where there is peace and the couples are enjoying themselves even when they have been at it for long, it is only because they have been stronger together. Things will come that may want to break them apart. They will have some reasons at some point to consider divorce. They may even think of just separating for a while. It is not that there will be no challenges but when you both make a choice that you are going to be stronger together, the things that are designed to break you will only knit you more and make you inseparable.
Please do not allow any enemy or the devil himself to win the battle against your home or marriage. Stick to that man or woman. Stand by him and by her. Stand up for each other. Forgive each other. Love each other more and on the long run you will realize that all that you have done is for your own good much more than it is for the other person.

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