Sub divisions of the mind – Fola Daniel Adelesi

We are not going to be doing ourselves any good if we do not take a good look the sub divisions of the mind because all of the things we have discussed so far still link up to three main things. Before we talk about the three main parts of the heart we should remember or be informed that the human being is made up of the spirit, soul and the body. The body is the physical container that walks about. The body is obviously what you touch and see. The soul is the one that acts through the body by taking decisions and as well receiving signals. It is also the link between the spirit and the body. The spirit is actually the main part of the man that conceives the inexplicable but presents it to the soul through the mind and the mind brings it to the world through the flesh.
The focus for now is not on the other parts so lets narrow down to the soul. The soul also contains three parts and they are the mind, will and emotions. The first one, mind, which is what we have been focusing on also contains three main parts and they are the:
1.) conscious
2.) pre-conscious
3.) sub-conscious mind.
Conscious Mind
I have talked extensively about your physical senses and they still come to play here under the conscious mind. Your conscious mind is the part of your mind that is aware of what’s going on around you. It’s your conscious mind that recognizes or gets the attention of the sounds around you. It’s your conscious mind that recognizes the pictures in front of you. It’s your conscious mind that pays attention to the funny displays all around you. It’s your conscious mind that differentiates between colours instantly. It is only as relevant as the moment. The conscious mind is at work when you are awake. The conscious mind is what helps you relate with the environment. You hear a sound and you move towards the sound. If you did not have a conscious mind you would not have been able to respond to the sound. It is also important to say that the conscious mind is the only link that the environment has with your preconscious mind. Your conscious mind works like the lens of a digital camera taking still pictures. The camera cannot take pictures that the lens has not located. So your mind cannot accommodate what you have not envisioned.
Pre-conscious Mind
The preconscious mind is like the storage device for the conscious mind. Maybe I should say that the preconscious mind works like the personal assistant of the conscious mind. It’s the preconscious mind – personal assistant – that helps the conscious mind – the boss – to keep all relevant appointments by sending a remember from what was recorded. The preconscious works like the man keeping the diary of a public speaker and prompting regularly so that engagements are kept. It really works as the warehouse for every thing found by the conscious mind.
One of the easiest ways to remember how the preconscious works is to take a look at a digital camera for taking still pictures. The lens of the camera that finds the image to capture is the conscious mind just like I said earlier but the preconscious mind is the memory card (SD or and other format) that stores the pictures taken. This card is so important because when you remove it from the camera you will not be able to access all the pictures that the camera has taken. It is true it was not the storage card that took the pictures but the moment the storage card is out then you will not have the pictures anymore. It’s the same with the conscious and the preconscious mind. It is the conscious mind that relates with the environment and comes back to file a report with the preconscious. When the reports are not presented by the preconscious after being filed, there is nothing the conscious mind can do other than to go looking afresh for the details outside. This accounts for why you forget some of the things you have seen, heard, learnt or planned. It simply was because your preconscious did not record it! I am sure you remember all the illustrations given concerning the computer system.
… to be continued.

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