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A few days ago I saw a broadcast from one of my friends via Blackberry Messenger who has been attacked for giving free publicity to some of the other people who render almost the same services that he does. They felt it was wrong for him to be advertising them since they were in the same field. They even reminded him that they know some of these other people and those ones do not give him the free publicity that he is using his network to offer them. After a while he could not take it anymore so he sent another broadcast as a response to all the attacks he had gotten for supporting his colleagues. His answer was simple. He believes that he is not competing with those people. He asserted that all his colleagues that he was advertising for are men of great vision who know what they were doing an so he is not competing with them but complementing them.
Giving a free publicity to one’s friend who does nearly the same thing as you do is just an example and it is not necessarily saying that is what you must do. I only want to make a point out of that and it is the fact that you must be able to help other people succeed. When you understand the principles of helping other people to succeed, then you will get to a level where you realize that you are succeeding more and more. The way to succeed is not to hold back from helping those that you are capable of helping because you think they will succeed more than you. It is not going to help you to look away from those who can benefit from you because you think that when you help them they will become great.
Some others in the past may have helped people and the people they have helped may have succeeded more than them but it is still not a good reason for you to say you will not help others to succeed. And the people you will help to succeed don’t have to be in the same field with you. It could be someone struggling through school or someone trying to get a job. It could also be someone who wants to start a business and you have the resources to help the person start the business. Help others to succeed.
I remember that I was in a training session and the coordinator of the class did mention how his daughter had been given two thousand dollars by someone she was meeting for the first time. How come she was meeting someone for the first time and the person was that generous towards the woman? The man whose daughter was given two thousand dollars had helped a man in the 70s to travel abroad. That was the only thing or the only seed that man had sown. One day, this man who had been helped to travel abroad went to a football match and the daughter of the man who helped him to travel was present to watch the same match. The girl started shouting and was speaking her native language. As she continued, the other man called her and asked her where she came from and her name. she mentioned her name and the man remembered that the name sounded like that of a man who had helped him before. He confirmed if she was the man’s daughter and immediately gave her the money.
Helping other people to succeed is like sewing a seed into your on future. You never can tell who will reap that seed. It could be you, your wife or children. If you also refuse to help others to succeed when you can, you are still sewing a seed but the wrong one.
Don’t hold back on your ability to help other people especially when you know that what you are going to do will help them to succeed. Do all that is within your capacity to help other people to succeed and start from now if you have not started! Fola Daniel Adelesi
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