Success: A product of work or luck – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM

I was involved in a national debate that was televised in about 46 countries of the world and I can Imagine the thoughts of the audience running wild as we were debating on that stage in Inspire Africa studios, Lagos, Nigeria.
I must register my belief that there is luck but it must be noted that fortune only favours the brave. You cannot wake up one morning and expect that everything will happen for you just because you believe in luck. You can only say that you are lucky after working at something and it works out the way you expect it or it has yielded more result than you planned for. I remember saying in a sarcastic manner during the debate, ‘if my co debater really believes in luck he shouldn’t have shown up for this debate, hoping to be lucky.’
If you are expecting to be lucky with something you have to work at it and know so that that you have put in your best. I cannot say that I expect to be so lucky with job opportunities without an educational background. I cannot study communications and expect to be so lucky that the president of the nation will say I should come over to serve as the Accountant-General of the Federation. I am simply trying to say that luck will often come as a result of your attempt to succeed at something by putting in your efforts.
Your work is very important but I need to say that the way you work is more important than the work you do. I have said repeatedly that some work hard and others work smart but only those who work smart get more reward for the work done.
Take a look at all the hard works around you and you will agree that the hardest worker will never end up among the richest people. Take a look at the guy who works on a construction site. He goes there daily and works hard till there’s no light to work again and is still paid peanuts. There is this other guy who only goes to supervise what is done and the one who is supervising what is done is making more money than the one who is really doing work.
With this you will understand that it is important to work but you have to work in a smart way. The richest people in the world today are people who make money from being smart workers and they are mostly trading information all over the world.
You can be very lucky but you must work and work very smart so that the rewards you get will be far more than the efforts put into the work.

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