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It is a great desire to want to succeed at what you do and probably love to do so well but most times, while preparing for success, not too many people prepare for the challenge of being able to strike a balance between success at work and success with character or personal life and a few other things that are more important!
When we start out in life it usually appears as if success in business or your chosen career is the most important until so many people make money and then they realize that they still have a feeling that something else needs to be done or that there are some other things they still do not know.
When you succeed at work it is very important that you have a great character to match your success at work. When you are building a successful business you have to bear in mind that you marriage needs to be successful as well and you cannot continue to work as if you do not have any other thing to do but work! There are those who do not take the time out to rest or relax and meet with people outside of the working space and their social lives have been completely destroyed! Some of them still appear very sociable in the way they talk and try to dress but there’s a whole lot of difference between being really sociable and trying to appear sociable because the results will always be different!
You have to work a modality that helps you strike a balance in life! If you continue with your career or business alone you will get to high point only to discover that you have already missed what you seem to be working so hard for. While professionalism is very important, there are several other things you can get out of your business life and career if only you strike a balance in your social life. An example could be two professionals working on a proposal. One works hard and also goes out to relax and meet people but the other just works and works very hard. If life was fair it would seem as if the one who just worked and worked should naturally get an approval! But it does not always work that way! The other one who worked and also meets people is more known to the people out there and we should never forget that trust as a social capital is an essential part of business! People would rather do business with someone they know and can trust instead of someone who is simply good but they know nothing about!
It’s not only for social and business purposes that you need to strike a balance in life. You have to strike a balance with your spiritual life because there are so many things happening that you definitely cannot explain! This world is a highly spiritual world because the invisible largely controls the visible so you need to connect to The Greater power that controls both the visible and the invisible.
One of the ways you will also know that it is easier to succeed than to attain balance in life is when you take a good look at some celebrities around town today! Some of them rose to stardom over the years and some others just came to limelight speedily! The unfortunate part is that many of them rise to stardom and after a few years or even months they begin to have legal issues or are involved in one scandal or the other that ultimately kills their career! Some mange to get off the scandal or legal hooks but some never make it! Why do you think these celebrities rise to stardom as talented people, make so much money in a short while and the next thing is that they are in trouble? I really think it is simple! They thought it was harder to succeed than it was to strike a balance in life! They only realize after succeeding that it is easier to succeed than to have a balanced life!
I am sure you are planning to succeed real big! Let me quickly remind you of the need to strike a balance in your life. Ensure that your character is cleaned up and you have a decent but active social life. Treat people nicely on your way to the top and when your character or entire life is balanced, no level of success will be able to get into your head!
Work hard and smart to succeed but never forget balance in life!
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