Success requires voice activation! Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Success requires voice activation! | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
When you buy some products you will be told that activation codes or keys are required and you cannot do anything with those products until you get the activation codes or keys. If you try to force your way into some of the boxes that require activation codes or key combination you will end up breaking them because all you can do is to get the keys correctly and open easily.
Just as we have activation codes with boxes a whole lot of other things, our lives have an activation code which can be interpreted when used correctly. Your mouth is the activation code for your life. If you keep living life like every other person you will have an extremely common life and live with everyday common men who are going nowhere. When you desire a change then you must recognize the fact that there are opportunities in your life and there are more than you really can imagine. They are locked up and cannot just come up on their own. They require an activation code.
A car needs a steering to get you to your destination and a life needs a mouth to get you to your destination in life. When you start a car, engage the gears and begin to accelerate without using the steering then you know you are bound to crash. The funny thing is that a lot of people are doing this in life. They wake on daily basis without a plan and go about without any confession for their lives. You cannot afford to live life without charting its course with your mouth.
I have heard people say that a closed mouth is a closed destiny and someone like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will say, keep saying it. Dont stop talking it. You must understand that there are things that happen for us when we use our mouths as activation codes and there are things that happen against us when we do not use our mouths as activation codes. Things dont just happen! People make them happen. When you refuse to make something happen for yourself then you will be a victim while others are making things happen for themselves.
What are the things that happen when we use our mouths as activation codes?
-What we say is recorded and reinforced in our memory.
-Our minds begin to create possibilities around the thoughts.
-We begin to see pictures in our minds about what we say.
-It becomes easier for our eyes to see opportunities in line with our thoughts.
-Knowing what to go for becomes easier.
-When we succeed with transferring thoughts to results we are most likely to do it again.
-With this our thoughts become more guided.
-With guided thoughts results come faster.
-When it works for us we usually tell others.
It is the process above that has made a number of people emphasize the fact that what you say is what you become. If you agree that your body is a combination of what you eat then you will understand how what you say determines what you become.
Let me quickly say that there could be a wrong use of the activation code. Take for instance when you have the password to a computer system and you log in, you may or may not do what is legitimate on that system. One person can access a system to start reading books or leaning about what others are doing but another may open the system to watch pornography. The truth remains that they both have a computer and can access it but are using it for different things entirely.
The wrong use of your voice activation code in life will be to keep saying the things you do not like and things you do not want. You may want to succeed but you are talking about how much you have failed and how you dont think you will succeed. Thats a wrong use of your voice activation code. You may want some more money and you keep saying you are broke. What you are doing is to send pictures of what you do not want into your mind and since that is youre your mind sees, that is what it will reproduce. If you do not like what your life looks like, change what you are saying with your mouth. Your voice is your activation code in life. Start using it now, and correctly!
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