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We cannot build great organizations without knowing what is required to build one and when we attempt to build one without doing our proper findings then we are on the path of throwing resources down the drain!
One of the reasons only very few company ever make it big is that most companies start out without a system or structure and do not make any attempt as the business grows to introduce the structures into the business.
When any business does not have a structure, it becomes easy for anyone to come into the business, take whatever they want to take and leave without being noticed! In some other cases it may not be that the person taking the resources of the business is not noticed but the power is more powerful in personality than the business. Instances of these include when the owner of the business takes money anyhow from the business even when it is affecting the business and the money being taken has nothing to do, most of the time, with the running of the business. When the wife of the business owner comes, she also has the power to take whatever she wants to take and when she is not allowed to do so, whoever was trying to stop her might just be losing his or her job that very day or sometimes soon when a seemingly legitimate excuse will be found.
When you are trying to build on organization or a business, you must start in mind that this is not something that is just for you and your family. If you will build s successful organization you must be able to put structures in place such that the business can serve the entire community and even go as far as serving the nation.
When we talk about systems and structures for businesses and organizations what are the things involved or what exactly do they mean?
I would say, in my words, that organizational structures are clearly drawn pictures of the people in the system, who accounts for what and to whom they report, what is expected of them, how their jobs relate to one another and what they must not allow in order to preserve the organization. © Fola Daniel Adelesi
From my definition above you will realize that the ultimate is about preserving the organization. When there are no clearly drawn pictures of who does what and who is accountable for something and who can stop people from doing a particular thing at any time then the organization will never be preserved.
1.Organizations must have structures if they will ever outgrow personal or family business levels.
2.Businesses without structures will never recoup the invested capital.
3.Structures are to help organizations run with or without the founder.
4.Structures and systems are the only thing that can make organizations outlive their founders.
5.Global and excellent practices in any organization will always begin with having structures.
It really feels very nice to wake up one day and you are steaming hot with ideas but we often do no begin to envisage when we have to let go off some measure of control just for the success of that idea we once screamed about.
Why some organizations never build structures within
1.The owner or the boss will lose some measure of control for structures to run and not too many people like that. People want to be fully in charge.
2.Some people only have an idea and that’s all they are running with. They just want to make the idea work and not think about making an institution out of the idea
3.Bureaucracy often emanates from building structures and that is often used for personal gains by some insider which unfortunately begins to kill the business gradually but consistently.
It may be very challenging to put structures in place but you will have to do it if you ever think you want to build a successful organization that will serve you, the community and the world at large. Begin today by putting structures in place.
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