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The success of an organization will, to a great extent, depend on the transition from one leader to another leader and when any organization fails to successfully transfer leadership from one person to the other without raising fractional dusts, the organization will lose focus and begin to face sentiments instead of visions. Anything that is done by the leader is then received by the people whose loyalty he or she does not have as victimization because of their open opposition.
Several months back I read the story of a church leader who wanted to transfer leadership to another person without raising dust and what he did what to first create a transitional plan. In the transitional plan, the new leader and the outgoing leader were to share power and responsibilities at a level and a percentage. When they began to implement the plan, the outgoing leader was probably 80 percent in control and the new leader was about 20 percent in control. As time went by, the percentage began to decrease for the outgoing church leader and it increased for the incoming church leader. If there were 50 presentations to be delivered before the final hand over, the outgoing leader gradually began to transfer the presentations to the new leader so that the people will get used to the new leader while the outgoing is still very much around.
Apart from gradually transferring responsibilities which might be easy to do, the outgoing pastor also had to publicly give validation to the new leader. The more validation he gave publicly to the new leader, the easier it became for the congregation to accept the new leader. I should also quickly tell you that they had a set time for this process and the two leaders involved in the transitional process understood very well the essence of the process and could not afford to get in each others way for the process to be a success. The incoming leader had to be very patient instead of demanding. The process is more importantly about keeping the people focused on the ultimate vision rather than the personality of the incumbent leader.
If organizations will succeed we cannot afford to get involved in sharp transition and just allow the new leader figure out what to do with the organization. We must make deliberate efforts to prepare the minds of new leaders by taking them through how things are done, gradually introduce and validate them then allow the our going leader to leave in a celebrated manner.
What the transition plan stands to achieve for any organization is to make sure that the incoming leader follows laid down plans and visions and as well pass the vision on to others. Creativity must be allowed but modification of organizational visions must be strongly discouraged. We should never give room to politics in building successful organizations and we must take out ethnicity, racism and issues of citizenship to give room for competence. When an organizational leaders strength is based on race, tribe or ethnicity, that leader begins to lose his ground the moment he no longer has the majority of the race or ethnic groups supporting him or her. If you start out to build and organization on competence, all you will ever need to build it always will be competence.
I challenge you to create and implement a transitional plan today for your organizations!
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