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From inception, most successful organizations will ask, What are we really selling? its easy to quickly say that it is products and services but every great organization knows that its not just product and services that they are selling. They are selling a SOLUTION to someone’s NEEDS!
Not to many people keep this in mind and that explains why you have so many organizations that just produce products and render services in order to make money, pay salaries, pay bills, reproduce products or render services again and then repeat the circle. Such organizations merely exist and what they do is just struggle to exist all the time because they are seeing themselves as people who are in business to make things happen for themselves.
If you are about to start and organization you must look beyond making things happen for yourself and just being called the chief executive in an organization. You have to focus on how your products and services meet the needs of people. If your products are not meeting needs then you will not be selling anything and if your services are not solving problems you will not have people call you to render another service. With that issue in mind you need to see the connection between the customers satisfaction with products and services and your existence as an organization.
When preparing a product or when preparing to render a service you should keep asking questions about how your product or service helps someone to solve a problem. Apart from solving a general problem, you should bear in mind that you may not be the only person trying to solve that problem which is often the case. For that reason you have to go a step further and look at how your products and services solve problems and as well give some satisfaction beyond what is expected.
It is a great culture to keep checking the relevance of products and services to peoples needs in every successful organization because they have the people in mind and understand that the people want much more than just being able to afford a service or product. They want to pay for it and derive satisfaction. In rendering my services to people I always say, Ill make you pay me and still say thank you to me. I can say that most times because I like to go beyond what the person enjoying the service is prepared for. At other times I just ask you what you really want from a service I have to render and while accessing the situation I find something else that will be very helpful and that make a whole lot of difference. For some other people they feel everything must be paid for so when they find something useful they hold back and wait till the person enjoying the service is willing to pay.
I just need to implore you to put more efforts into consistently improving your products and services while trying to meet the needs of people. Don’t just see your products and services as something for the buyers or clients. You should see them as something for people who have needs and the point of satisfaction is where the products and services meet the needs. No product or service is great until it can make a need disappear!
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