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The corporate environment is becoming more fierce on daily and several people who really want to stay in there to make a living are getting kicked out on daily basis. Some of them are really not aware that they are in for a game and if you don’t know how to keep yourself in the game you will be thrown out sooner than you expect. If there is any game where the rule of survival of the fittest applies, the corporate environment will come first. Just as you are planning to climb the ladder, there are those who don’t want you to climb, there are those who are constantly looking at taking your seat and in some other cases, there are certain things you are not smart enough to work on and for that, you can be kicked out in a jiffy!
To start with I would want to take a look at contracts in the work place. There too many people who are working without a contract in their present places of employment! For so many of them, the most important thing was about getting the job and after getting the job they forget that they never had a contract and they never ask for one! You should never make the terrible mistake of taking up a job in any company anywhere in the world without having a valid contract written and signed for you! Some other people have what they call a contract but you still cannot call them valid contracts! There are several employers who have been really deceitful with the issue of contracts to employees. They know that those employees are just looking for the jobs and the money is what is important to them so they don’t give them written or valid contracts. Some others claim to have agreements but when they are talking about agreements they are talking about verbal agreements! Somewhere down the line the employer fails to honour the verbal agreement and the employer becomes very annoyed. In a number of cases things turn out worse than imagined.
When you don’t have a contract and your employer is not honouring verbal agreements then you can’t even take your employer to court in order to get what rightfully belongs to you. It is important for me to mention here that the contract must state clearly what you are expected to deliver and what you are supposed to be paid upon delivery! The time of engagement should be stated and it has to be clear if you are on contract for s short time or it is a permanent employment that terminates at retirement age or when you so please to terminate the agreement. The notice required before either party can terminate agreement must also be stated. People have been fired because no specifics were given in their contracts for some of those who even have contracts at all!
One of the biggest corporate hammers used on employees and sometimes on employers is the contract that exists between employees and employers. When you are given a contract you should not just be in a hurry to sign it because you now have a job! You have to read carefully and be sure you understand what you are about to sign. Ensure you understand the terms for engaging or disengaging you so well because those are areas where legal issues may arise. As an employer, you must also be very careful to note that you are capable of delivering what you are offering so that nothing bounces back on you.
Beware! Don’t get too excited about getting a job and forget to get a valid and written contract that you can hold unto as the basis for which your services are being enjoyed in the organization where you are!
Surviving the corporate politics requires some skills and one of them is to understand how contract works!
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