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It is one thing to take up a job because you need the salary they can afford to pay you and not understand what is expected of you! It is another thing to take up the job knowing fully what is expected of you and how you are going to work around delivering to the organization as expected upon assumption of duties! When I wrote about contract as one of the ways to survive the corporate politics, I guess you really didn’t figure out how a contract can help your delivery at work! When you have a valid or written contract it should spell out what you are expected to do. When you see what you are expected to do, understand it and you work on it then you are going to survive the corporate politics in any organization!
There some organizations who give you a vague contract and at the end of the day more responsibilities are given to you. It becomes more difficult sometimes to be able to tell what you are to do from what you are not to do. There are so many people who are chasing the wrong things and they think they are trying to achieve what they are being paid to do in the organization.
For some other people I know it’s just in the habits of their superiors to confuse them with several responsibilities and because they also don’t have their jobs spelt out, they will do anything! You need to first go back to your contract in any organization where you have to work and look at the roles you have been given. Once you understand the roles, set out goals for you to be able to achieve what is expected of you. You should also work on ways to ensure that your work is simple and can be done in a very fast way. When anyone gives me a job, I think of two things! The first is ‘what do we intend to achieve by doing this job?’ and the second is ‘what is the simplest and most effective way to do this job?’ when I think of simple and effective ways to do jobs, it helps me deliver more. Sometimes my superiors in the past have adopted my own styles as well when they realize that the way I am going about it saves time and still looks better.
Your performance on your job is one of the easiest ways for you to be fired in any organization. That is why it is so important that you know what is expected of you. In some cases, you may be given tasks that you have never handled before! It may look daunting for you to start with the new tasks but all you have to do is simple. You will need to contact the person who was handling what you were told to do. In a case where it is a completely new task in your organization, you can contact people outside your organization or even go for trainings. If people don’t like you as a person in your organization you need to ensure that the reason they don’t like you has nothing to do with your performance! If you deliver results I bet people will like you and no one really wants to lose people who are performing.
Some people still get in trouble even though they are great people because they have their own ideas and want to run things their own way. You may have superiors who insist in how things must be done! Once you notice that you cannot convince the superior to do things differently then you better don’t do it your own way! Unfortunately you are not the boss at the moment and you don’t call the shots! If you try to call the shots when someone else is in charge then you are walking close to the exit door!
You can be a performer and still get into trouble so you have to be careful! The first thing you have to do is just do your job! Try not to be reminded that it is your job to do certain things. When one thing is expected of you, you can do two if you really have the ability to do two. However, you need to also note that there are environments that are hostile to people who appear to outperform others! Thread carefully. In organizations where you are given open arms, please do more than is expected especially when you know that you appraisal and then promotion or pay rise depends on that!
In any organization, if you don’t deliver, you will soon be delivered back to the job hunting market!
Surviving the corporate politics requires some skills and one of them is to always remember to deliver and in cases where it is safe to do so, deliver more than you promised!
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