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I recently began to think about something and I call it the strength of surprise! When you have an agreement to work with any organization you need to have that strength of surprise which helps you exceed the expectations of your boss or colleagues. There different things you have to work on when it comes to exceeding expectations and you must also bear in mind that exceeding expectations is one of the ways to survive in the corporate world. When you can’t do more than every other person is doing then you do not stand a better chance of being retained in the organization. When people are to be fired what will be the basis for asking you to stay?
When I wrote on delivery or performance as one of the ways to survive corporate politics, I did mention being careful not to appear as though you want to outperform every other person because it can backfire! Regardless of that, we still must recognize the fact that every boss really wants you to deliver more than they asked you to deliver so how can you exceed the expectations of your boss?
You have to know what your boss wants and how your boss really works. It is important that you try to work that way in some organizations and in some others it does not really matter! What the boss cares about is the fact that you are able to deliver results! The next thing for you to do is to know the extra things that can make the job of your boss easier and also make your boss happy! If you always go about doing your own job and also take care of those things that can make the job of your boss easier then you have started exceeding expectations.
One other way you can exceed the expectations on you within your organizations is to build extra skills relevant to your work. Once you have seen the kinds of things you need to do on daily basis, you should go out of your way to acquire some skills. It may look like you are slaving out for the organization at some point but at the end of the day when you leave that organization, you take the skills with you! Nobody can make you drop the skills you have acquired on your own or even from the organization. If you are to do a job and it will normally take 7 days to do the job, you could plan out an easier way to do the job faster so that you deliver within 5 or 6 days! When you tell your organization something can be done in 7 days and you do it in 5 days it can be to a great advantage for you. You will be different from those who are supposed to do it in 7 days and after 15 days they still have not delivered! If you promise to get one thing and you have the capacity to get two or more, you should get it especially when you know it will help the organization.
If at some point the organization has reasons to lay people off, they will make a list of people and will start striking out some names! I surely expect your name to be completely out of the list because no sensible organization wants to lose a staff that always exceeds expectations! If other people are saying it can’t be done you may want to give it a shot! If someone says it’s going to take a longer time you should find a way to reduce the time and deliver quality. If a person says the project the organization is about to embark upon can only be done with 5 million dollars you should think about helping the organization to cut costs and deliver better results!
If you always exceed expectations, you will be more rooted in the organization. However, don’t expect everyone in the organization to like you for exceeding expectations! You will even become a threat to some others who are on the same level with you! You can even become a threat to some of your superiors because some organizations may want to fire your superiors and ask you to take over. You have to be careful! You really don’t want to show up as ‘that guy or that lady’ who likes to impress the boss and get you fired! You must know how to lay low and sometimes share the credit for whatever you are able to achieve with other people. You could say you were able to do it because of the support they gave you or because of the open arms you had! You have to be smart when you start getting all the attention for exceeding expectations!
Surviving the corporate politics requires some skills and one of them is to exceed expectations in a way that you don’t make others feel threatened by your performance!
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