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One of the speakers in a retreat I attended earlier this year was talking about how he went on to obtain 3 masters degrees from the university while his colleagues were just burying their heads in the work. When it was time for promotion they considered him and some other people. When they started, he was on the same pedestal with all those people but by the time they were to review their qualifications, he had added 3 extra degrees and he clearly left his colleagues behind! He did not stop at getting those masters degrees even after getting the promotion! He went on to do his doctorate programme! When you know how to constantly acquire new skills, you are going to be covered or protected from the constantly swinging axe in the corporate world!
I guess you would have heard more than a thousand times that change is the only constant thing in the world so you need to remember that things will not always be done in your organization the way they have always been done! There are too many people who stay in one place and are so comfortable until a challenge comes their way! Unfortunately, only a very few people would have the opportunity to quickly adapt in the short time that the challenge leaves them with. There are those who wait to be sent for trainings by the organisation before they learn new things or acquire new skills! They believe that the knowledge is for the organization and if the organization needs it the organization should send them for training! In today’s world, the organizations are looking for people who have been trained and not those who still want to be trained!
Before now I have made series of references to the constant change in the technological world and how it had affected some people in the corporate world negatively because they did not acquire new skills or even prepare for change! Some of them waited too long and some others simply didn’t do anything. You need to know that you are in a world of politics though in a corporate environment and some others are looking for ways to get you out of that place real quick. Don’t be surprised to find out that the person who plays with you on daily basis and sometimes praises you wants your position badly! You may not know about it and become so nonchalant. While you sit down like a big boss and refusing to take all the trainings you need, other people are taking all the trainings they can and acquiring new skills!
The more skills you acquire the more relevant you will become in today’s corporate world and in different capacities. There were those who sat with one job for too long and at the end of the day were asked to leave the organization. Such people usually have nothing to do when they are asked to leave and you need to learn from those people. Since you took up this new job what new thing have you learnt? Is there something you know that can even give you an edge in the corporate world compared to your colleagues? I remember saying in some of my posts on my blog ( that some people sat with their typewriters in those days until the computers came. They saw the computers and did not even think it was a great idea for them to learn how to use it since organizations were beginning to shift to computers! That was how some of them lost their jobs!
Develop yourself constantly and make sure that in all your developmental efforts you become versatile. It will be really foolish to develop yourself to become relevant to just one industry! I know you have a career path in one industry but these are not the days when you concentrate all your building efforts in one line! You just may be shooting yourself in the leg if you do!
Surviving the corporate politics requires some skills and one of them is to acquire new skills and be more relevant not only to your company but in other industries as well!
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