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When employers ask you to multi-task, they are sometimes telling you that you are too rigid and are not able to think more about the series of things that need to be done with equal attention. In some other cases, you may find yourself in a position where you have never been before and you are expected to perform regardless of the experience. Sometimes in organisations, some people resign and the organisation may feel that it is a cruicial time and bringing someone entirely new into the system might slow down processes because of training so they want an insider to take over. At that point in time you cannot be telling your boss it is not your field and it is not what you trained for!
There are so many things you have to be flexible with and those things will help you in your career and in your stay in any organisation around the world. I will say that it is not only these things you should be flexible with but they are key to your survival in any organisation. Some of them are:
1. Skills – I have already written on skills but again it is one of the things you have to be flexible with. When you come into an organisation, something may happen somewhere along the line and you are required to apply new skills. You will not say you don’t have those new skills and so you can’t do what is expected of you. You have to learn to either work with new skills or engage your current skills to achieve different results as may be needed by your organisation.
2. Communication – if there is anywhere you need diplomacy and flexibily, it is in the area of communications. Not everything should be said and not everything that can be said should be said any how. One of the ways some companies even meaure your growth as a person is that your communication over the years has improved. You are no longer rigid with passing your message across and you also know how to diplomatically say certain things. Communication can keep you going in an organisation and it can kick you out of the organisation when you remain very rigid. Some people will boast about being a very blunt person and they will tell you everybody knows I am blunt and that’s the way I speak! You should become flexible!
3. Improvisation – companies want to see you change in the way you do things! You cannot afford to do all the things you need to do in exactly the same way you have always done things. There are situations that will warrant a change and you must be willing to forfeit your style of doing things for the greater good of the organisation! When you learn that getting things done are really very important compare to how you feel comfortable doing them, you will forget about how you as a person always wants to do things!
There are several other things within the workplace that require being flexible and you must constantly bear in mind that you have to be flexible to remain in the corporate environment. If you are not flexible there will be trouble somewhere along the line!
Surviving the corporate politics requires some skills and one of them is to understand that those who are not flexible will be easily broken!
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