Surviving the corporate politics 8 – Intimidation as a strategy │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

I think that there are some people who simply have difficulties telling their staff right away that they are no longer needed in that environment and they resort to intimidation in order to get things done. For some other people, they feel threatened by the subordinates around them simply because of some things the subordinates have gotten that they do not have or because of the potentials of the subordinates! It could be because of the additional degree that the subordinate has gotten or some dexterity display by the subordinate. In some cases, it could just be that you will get into trouble with your boss because you are the favourite of every other person within the organization.
For so many years some employers have resorted to intimidation as a way of getting certain things from some employees or getting those employees to resign. Sometimes the employer just wants total control with no one contending their authority and anyone who tries it does so at his own peril! You have to be aware of this strategy of intimidation and either prepare yourself for it or run away from it.
Some of the people who never knew that the strategy their employer wanted to engage is intimidation found themselves fighting and playing the victim most of the time. A few others knew and they were prepared to the intimidation strategy did not work out as planned by their employers! When you find a superior picking too much on things that don’t count then you need to begin to watch out for that person. If something was not an issue for in the organization and it has suddenly become an issue you need to be more observant! Sometimes I should say that intimidation occurs between people of opposite sexes as well in the workplace and it could be because of vested interest that one person is not yielding to!
You cannot be blind to the politics going on in the work place today! I don’t encourage anyone especially you to be a part of it but I am bringing this to your attention so that you can know and protect your head! Sometimes some superiors in the work place result to intimidation because they already have a candidate waiting to fill the position you are currently in or they have someone waiting to fill the next position you intend to vie for!
When you realize someone is intimidating you and you keep trying to fight back without an understanding of what was intended, you might just play into the hands of your superior! When you don’t fight back in a number of cases you leave the person trying to intimidate you more confused because they will not know what to do.
If you ever realize that you are becoming the favourite of the boss in your organization and your opinions count, you just might be a potential victim of intimidation from some superiors who feel abandoned and you have to be very careful! When some of the politicians in the office begin to play their politics, their intention will sometimes be to frustrate you out of the organization. Of you resign then you would have helped them to easily achieve their aim but if you stay back and bring in excellence, you would have defeated them arms down! There is real politics in the corporate world and intimidation is one of the most viable tool used in sustaining the politics there! You may sometimes be threatened with a pay cut, suspension sack or being constantly reminded that you can be sent back into the job hunting group if you don’t comply with unwritten codes in the corporate world!
Surviving the corporate politics requires some skills and one of them is to recognize intimidation, know the purpose, prepare to face it and decide if you have to continue or move on!
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