Surviving the corporate politics 9 – Preempt and prepare for change │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Change is like a rapid rushing river, according Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo, and if you do not flow with the current you will be carried away by its force! That is exactly what is happening to some employees in their organizations today! So much is changing within the system and there are employees who just sit there wondering what exactly is happening. They have no idea what to, where to go or how to fit into their system anymore. If you don’t preempt change within your organization and prepare for it, you will soon become a stranger in the same organisation.
Many have been kicked out just because they did not preempt change and did not prepare in anyway. You have to watch closely the things happening around you and see that you are not left out regarding vital information that affects your organization. An example I can easily remember is that when a leader in an organization announces his or her exit, there will always be a major change once that leader is out. If you are in an organization and your boss announces his resignation then you must begin to prepare for what can happen! You may be getting a new leader from within your system who knows how everything works. The new leader may know the weaknesses of everyone within the system but may have been laughing with you. Don’t expect that person to continue to laugh with you as soon as he or she assumes the new office! The laughing may continue but you just can’t tell what will happen!
Sometimes some leaders just lay off some specific people who may be perceived as allies of the former leader when they take up a new position. They may think they need to work with new people who will not think that they have been in the organizations for long and know how things should be done rather than taking instructions from the new boss!
Changes within an organization may not always come in as a result of change in leadership. In some cases it could be that there are changes in the industry that your organization belongs to and the organization is trying to adjust to the new changes. When any organization tries to adjust to changes in its industry, it most likely will cause some changes within the organization that will affect the members of staff! What often happens in such cases is that members of staff have to sit up or stand aside for the change to be effected!
The owners of an organization can decide to reposition the organization and that may mean they will draft a new vision or rework their current vision. Usually when that happens, extra effort may be required from the staff and they may be required to get additional skills to perform on the job. If the changes will be really drastic you may be given some notice to adjust and when the changes will come as emergency or survival measures, you may not get enough time to prepare for the change. The key is that you have to prepare for change and must never allow the change in your organization kick you out! You can be laughing with someone right now and the person is the one to enforce the changes within the organization that will affect you drastically!
You should always watch out for:
Change in leadership
Change of vision
Change in policy
Change in organogram
Team restructuring
Performance oriented change
You should always be in the know of changes like the ones mentioned above within your organization. Change is constant! Change is inevitable! Change will drive an organization! When you don’t get along in the process of change you will be pushed aside!
Surviving the corporate politics requires some skills and one of them is to recognize possible changes before they begin and prepare for them! If you don’t prepare for change you will soon be changed for another person! Fola Daniel Adelesi
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