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This is that time of the year (seeing that we have already started the eight month) when people switch from hope to anxiety. They start thinking about the fact that they started the year with some goals and in the eight month, maybe many of the goals are yet to be achieved. People start feeling nervous. A lot of people get worried.
You sure can imagine the kind of hope that people had at the beginning of the year. They set goals and wrote resolutions. They just wished that the New Year would bring them some new luck or favour. With that expectation, they start the New Year and put in all their best.
What now happens when seven months have gone by and not much has been achieved? You look at you list of goals and you still have so much to do. You also take a quick look at the ones you are on at the moment and you come to a realization that some of them are only half completed. This is the kind of awareness that can make you break out in sweat.
The year is running to an end. Many others seem to be getting by easily but you are still trying hard to figure out how to get things done. What else can you do in the rest of this year? Is this how this year will go by without offering you much? A few other people summon the courage to work harder while some people just faintly hope that something can still happen for them.
Let me tell you that while so many people easily switch from hope to anxiety, this is not the time to lose hope. This is not the time to give up on the things you have been working on since the beginning of the year. It may look like you have a shorter time compare to where we started from but you can make the most of the rest of this time.
If you will ever make the most of the rest of this time, you must never switch to anxiety. You have to keep your hope alive. I remember that when I was in secondary school, some of our teachers, when advising us on promotional exams, they keep saying that ‘the sun out there is still enough to dry your cloths.’ That’s a proverbial way of saying that the time left seems short but it’s enough to do the needful and get a meaningful result.
Now I say to you as well that the sun out there can still dry your cloths. You have what it takes to still get results only if you choose not to focus what you have not achieved. Do not focus on what you have not done that could have been done.
Focusing your energy on the wrong things will drain you. It takes the rest of the energy that you can actually use to work and achieve. You have a responsibility to make the most of what is left rather than allowing yourself to be drained by what you could not do.
Don’t be like the others who look at the little time left and just conclude it’s over when the little time left can be the game changer. You and I know that a few last minutes in football can change the entire game. Every great footballer understands this and will never play with the last few minutes. They goal they’ve desired and strategized for from the first minute might only be coming in the last minute just when they are about to conclude that the game is over.
Your game is not your over. Don’t give up your fighting spirit and chances before the end of the game. Just like in football, people don’t lose at the end of the game. They lose when they give up the fighting spirit even if the game is still on.
What do you want to do now? Switch form hope to anxiety or stay on the hope and fight till the last minute for your desired result?

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