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Synchronize your destiny | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
The word synchronize according to the oxford dictionary means to cause to occur or operate at the same time and the synonyms I found for the word include harmonize, coordinate, orchestrate, match, bring into line or make tally. I do not know how much these words mean to you but I have a vivid illustration that has made the meaning deeper than any dictionary could have given it to me. It was in that illustration that I realized how our destiny can be harmonized with something else or another being more powerful than we are to make sure it is protected and that we safely come into all its great promises.
I want to bring to your attention something that is so vital to your destiny but I need to use computer terminologies to explain this because that was where I got the insight from. I will try as much as I can not to get too technical about it. Sometimes when I want to connect to the internet I do that with the aid of my mobile phone connected to my laptop. There are different ways of doing this but the two ways I have been using include the USB cable or the Bluetooth. When I connect my phone to the computer through USB cable it means there is a physical wire linking my phone to the system and helping me to use my phone as a modem a connecting facility to the internet. When I use the Bluetooth to connect to the internet, there is usually no physical connection between the phone and the computer system but the phone and the system have to be in a given range so before the two of them can connect. When the phone and the system are not in the given range, no connection can be established between the two and when the phone and system are almost exceeding the given range, connection can be broken easily.
Before you can have a proper connection between your phone and your system, there has to be what is called a PC suite on your system. This is an application created by the manufacturers of the mobile phone and designed to be installed on your system so that you can easily access the content of your phone. With this PC suite designed for your phone, you can easily back up all the contacts and messages on your phone. Before this is made easy, there is a feature on that software with icon that carries the wordsynchronizewhich you may need to use. As soon as you tell the computer to synchronize, it will begin a search for available phones and ask you a series of questions and as soon as that it done, you can easily access your phone. Whenever the Bluetooth on your phone is on and the bluetooth on your system is on after the synchronization, your system will always automatically connect with the phone and will notify you when there is a connection. When a message comes into your phone you will see it on your system. When a call comes through to your phone, your system will show the caller and you can also pick or reject the call from your system. In short, the synchronization shows you virtually everything going on with your phone through the computer on which it is synchronized.
I really hope that was not too technical! If it was not then I can go on with the main point. When we as human beings have our destiny synchronized with Gods spiritual devices, His angels who are in charge of those devices can easily see everything that is going on with us. I told you that when a call is coming in, you can see it on the computer and can pick or reject. When the angels in charge of these devices see the calls coming in, they can quickly swing into action to determine if the calls are to be terminated or not. When they see the messages coming to us, they just know what to do with the messages. Its about not being alone and having an invisible back up for ourlives.
When someone who does not know that the phone is synchronize with a system picks the phone and does something on it, the system can reveal what the person is doing. When you synchronize your destiny, you make it difficult for you to be caught off guard by the enemy because you are sending signals every second about your status.
The key issue here that you need to remember is that you cannot have these services if you do not synchronize your destiny with the devices of God. You live unprotected and are so vulnerable. Some people can always tell you, I have got your back! In this case you need a synchronization thats got your destiny covered any time and any day.
What this means is that you dare not make a move without God giving you the backup assurance and must constantly communicate with Him. Have a safe destiny ride!
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