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‘It is not good for the man to be alone…’ Let’s say that’s the clear thought on the mind of God when he decided to institute marriage. When you begin to break this down you will realize that the thought is not only limited to having a companion and spending time together.
For today I am stretching that thought to the issue of synergy for the sake of your destiny as a couple. When you do not synergize as a couple you will find that both of you are struggling in different ways for different things.
You can decide to do the other thing. That will be to focus on the same thing and work on it so that you both do not run after shadows with no result at the end of the day. When you both run after different things and there are no results both of you will feel more frustrated at the end of the day.
When I talk about synergy for the sake of destiny it does not mean you always have to do the same job and work in the same organisation or be in exactly the same place at all times. We all know this concept might be near impossible so the question then remains how do you synergize for the sake of your destiny?
The first thing I want you to remember is that you have a destiny together. Until you see that you have a destiny together as a couple there is no way you can truly help each other. You may think that you have a different destiny as a man or as the woman. That was true until you became married.
Isn’t that why the Bible says the two have become one, they are no longer two? Something synchronized in the spirit realm the day you were joined together and you both have to work together to get the result of that synchronisation in reality.
When a man or the woman has a dream or a focus, there must be a way you both will agree to work together or support each other for the dream to become a reality. You cannot be working against each other. When you do then you are working against yourself with little or no knowledge about that.
Sometimes what you are required to do to synergize for the sake of destiny may not be much. In some cases it may be a simple approval for what your partner intends to do. In some other cases what you may need to do might be giving some counsel or encouragement. Your partner may have gone into a field where you do not have any expertise but the way you talk about it and talk to him will show if you approve of what he is doing or not. That approval might be all he or she needs to succeed and his or her success is also yours!
You should not have the mindset that you both can go in whatever direction, do as you please and not care about what the other person does. It has never worked that way and it will not work that way. There is the responsibility you have towards each other to lift each other up and ensure that you make progress together.
Please note that if you do not synergize, no matter how little, both of you will require more efforts individually to make things happen. Sometimes, the reason things will happen is not because of your expertise but because of your cooperation.
If you are going to spend more time together as a couple or you expect your marriage to last longer, you need to get started if you have not on the path of synergy with your spouse.

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