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We always have the privilege to do so many things in life on our way to success. If we must succeed as we intend to, then it is important to not only do something but to do the right thing. Of all the things that we can do, we must never leave out ‘trying and trying again.’ Why that generally means to persist because of hope for better results, I now think it also means to talk, resist and yield.
The people you deliberately or unconsciously choose to talk to or not can determine if you will succeed or fail in life. If you have been on the path of success and you choose to talk to the wrong person then you will derail in no time and speed faster down the line of failure. If you have also been on the path of failure and deliberately seek or accidentally meet the right person, you are on your way to success so long as your next line of action is guided by the talk. We should not just be talking. We should not just be talking. We have to be sure we are talking to the right people. This will determine if we are going to carry on in life or we are going to back out. Some people talk you into success and others talk you out of success.
What you have the capacity to resist or do not have the capacity to resist might be your greatest success or failure tool. If you can resist financial or sexual temptations, it might be a great deal for you. If you can’t resist them, you just might be on your way down. If you can resist sleep when it is absolutely necessary to deny yourself, you will reap from that action later. But if your bed is too precious to you that your relationship cannot be broken, you can eventually lose everything including that bed and by that time you will be forced to lose that sleep. There are several other things that we must be able to build resistance for if we are going to make it in life. The resistance we build will also determine how far we can go.
Where do you yield or where do you remain rigid? Life itself is so flexible that we cannot afford to remain rigid about anything. While you are still saying, ‘this is the way it’s done,’ life has already moved on and has changed to another thing. There’s no one who wants to succeed in life that will not consider yielding in some areas and also know where not to yield. What you yield yourself to will determine where you will end up. What you do not yield to will also determine the results that you get.
You can simply call these three important keys in life. We must keep talking but it can’t just be anybody that we talk to. We have to resist the urge for certain things if we intend to have a long term result and not just enjoy the moment. If we choose not to yield when we should, we might even get broken because life itself has a way of making everyone comply rather than begging us to yield.
In whatever you do, please talk to the right people who can spur you on to success; resist the urge that will not eventually help you to succeed; and yield to anything that legitimately takes you to your destination.

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