Take a leap this year? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

When people come into a New Year there’s always that excitement and renewed hope for something great to come. They look forward to getting so much done. They believe the year presents them with a lot of opportunities and often expect it will be better than the previous one.
While some of these expectations are real, the realization often depends on the actions taken by the one who is expectant. When you don’t take any action you should not expect that you will get a different result just because we are in a new year.
If you have been afraid to take that leap regarding change of location, this is the year to take the leap. If your own leap is about changing your job, you should take that leap this year. You may have been procrastinating leaving your job to start a business. You should take the bold leap this year to start that business. You may have been dating for a while and hoping to get married. I think you should stop hoping and take that leap this year. Are you trying to get a car? This is the time to take that leap. You might even start with a well maintained used car if you don’t have the money to buy a new one.
I am interested in your new result which is why I am sharing this with you. You can make significant progress this year and turn a lot of things around in your favour. To do this, you will have to take a leap. This is one of the things you must do differently this year. Taking a big leap will be crucial to getting to where you want to be at the end of the year.
If you have some dreams in your heart and you want them achieved by the end of the year, you just can sit where you are and hope that things will change. You cannot continue to take some small steps occasionally and expect that things will change for good. What you need to do is to take that big leap and do it as often as you can. You can’t afford to get tired or give up on taking that leap. The leap is all you need to get things done.
Sometimes it may be discouraging that you’ve taken a leap and there is no immediate result. You can’t stop taking a leap because of that. When you hit the gym for weight loss or to keep fit, you don’t achieve your aim in one day. You hit the gym consistently for weeks and even months before you start seeing the desirable results. Now it’s time to hit the gym of life. It’s time to hit the gym of your goals and you must keep going until you have that desirable result.
You have that great opportunity to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Now you can start some things all over. You can call this a clean slate on which you are permitted to write what you want. Don’t watch things happen this year. Make things happen by taking that big leap. If you are going to have a beautiful year, you should start from now.
Make a list of the big leap you’ll like to take this year and set some timelines for taking the leap. Start now and make it happen.

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