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I have heard and probably seen a few people rise to the top and nearly forgot how they got to the top. Now that they are at the top it looks like nothing else matters. They simply attribute their rise to the top to their strength, efficiency and qualification. For that they expect every other person to worship them so long as those people are subordinates. In some other cases, they just demand unrealistic things from their subordinates and fail to admit that they would not have taken the same from their superiors. If you are the boss we are not saying that you are not the boss but you need to take it easy as the boss. It is not how much authority and power you use over others that proves to them you are the boss.
A few years ago I was listening to a radio station that created an award for workers. Colleagues of those workers were supposed to call in, nominate a worker of their choice as the 5 star worker of the week and the person gets a very good treat for the week. One day a man called in to nominate his boss and started talking about how his boss was the best and should be given the award for the week. He went on and on to talk about how the boss encourages him, how he does not focus on his weakness but helps him to develop and become a better worker. He simply showed at the end of the day that he had more than a working relationship with his boss. His boss was almost becoming his brother. When I listened to that, I felt that was how many of the superiors in the work place are supposed to behave.
You may not have close to a personal relationship with the people you are working with but you still don’t have to lord yourself over everyone who is working for you. Some people take things too far because they are the boss. You may be the boss today but you have to remember how things can change and God can put anyone anywhere. The person who is serving you today and you are probably maltreating may become your boss tomorrow. Even if he or she does not become your boss, you need to consider the fact that this person too can be in a position to pass some recommendations for you tomorrow.
Apart from treating people right because of what you might get in return, it is just not okay for you to talk to people anyhow and treat them like trash because you are the boss. When you become the boss you need to realize that you became the boss because there is a need for leadership in that organization. You were called to lead and not to enslave other people. When you assume that slave master’s mind set you will talk to people anyhow, treat them like they are trash, withdraw their salaries without reasons or even refuse to pay them and lay people off the way you like.
Every boss who understands leadership knows that he or she is supposed to first of lead the people who are working with you. That means you will show them the way, mentor them, help them to develop, give them platforms and as well encourage them until they become better people. If you are not doing this then you are not a leader and as the boss you just might shoot yourself in the leg!
Yes boss! We know you are the boss but take it easy and lead – encourage, develop, mentor, guide and counsel others to become the best they can be!
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