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God forbid that it is said of me, he failed, not because he could not have succeeded, but for the chances he was not willing to take. I would rather take my chances and realize that the path I had taken was not the only option or may not have been the perfect option rather than sitting down and expecting a perfect situation to do what needs to be done and never take chances.
We have been told in the words of a man who was referred to as the wisest in his time, King Solomon, that he who observes the wind will not sow. In any perspective, this is to tell us that there is no perfect time to do what needs to be done and usually there will be no perfect situation to do what you need to do. It will always be up to you to do what you have to do while believing that things will work for you.
We can take an adventure into the world of successful people and I can predict one major thing we will find regarding their moves that helped them to succeed. We will, most likely, find out that most successful took some steps with no clearly stated benefits but they were willing to go in that direction simply because they believed in what they saw in their future.
Many people never take chances because they want to be convinced and they want to be sure they can have results in their hands before they take the next step but there is no one that gets any result by just waiting for perfect timing. Everyone who has gotten any result has been taking chances knowing so well that what they were doing could work and in some other cases go contrary to what they expected but they still took their chances.
There are so many out there who have very power initiatives in their hands but the initiatives have remained in their files, folders, drawers, offices and so on because they do not want to hear someone saying no to them. Have you ever dared to say, what if they say yes? even when they don’t say yes can you just take a good look at yourself and then say the worst they will ever do is to say no and life goes on! You cannot always be afraid to take your chances or never even take them because you think someone will say no to you. You must be bold enough and go for what you believe in. again and again you must have heard that fortune favors the brave so you must be brave enough to seize opportunities without waiting for a perfect situation.
Remember that you really don’t need big fire to burn down a building. You just need that small fire, probably just at the tip of a match stick strengthening itself by collaboration with gas or other things that can be burnt and before you know it, the whole building is down. If you have some positive energy inside you, you don’t need the whole world to be in place before you can let it out and have some good results from it. All you need is to always be ready to project how far some small opportunities can take you and release a part of your positive energy into that small opportunity. Once energy is released then you are on your way to succeeding as a result of the things you never imagined might work and even getting some results you did not bargain for.
I will just leave you with a thought line. Never let you opportunities slip off again because of the chances you did not take because there will be no perfect situation to do what is worthwhile.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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