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For so many people, working is just about making money and it’s hardly about having a progressive career path so when they eventually realize that having a career path for a longer period of time is very important, they then come to terms with the fact that they do not have the experience needed because they have not been consistent in a line of profession. It is not only important for you to work and make money but also to establish yourself as an authority in your field and the only way to be perceived and also received as an authority will be for you to maintain a stable career path.
When you take a look at the resume of some people you will find that they have been jumping from one job to the other and one of the questions that subsequent employers want to ask is why you have been jumping from one job to the other. If by a stroke of miracle they eventually give you the job they will still have it at the back of their mind that they are taking a risk or are taking you because they desperately need someone to take over some duties. People are never comfortable with those jumping from one job to the other and in presenting your resume I think that one of the favours you can do for yourself is to do away with the several jobs you have done and really have no genuine excuse to quit in so short a time.
Sometimes you may decide to leave a job because the pay is low and you really have a lot of bills to pay but there are times to consider being consistent on a job compared to making a lot of money on the job except you are not looking at a future in that profession. This may also be easy if you are not in a field where most of your works will be theories or things that have to do with services. When you call yourself a speaker, consultant, trainer and the likes, you must be consistent and sometimes it is the consistence that gives you the needed job or the big break you are looking for.
One of the things you should also always do is to take some short courses from programmes related to your field and gain more expereince from such trainings. When you even have to take up another job that has nothing to do with your real profession, it will still be very important for you to take trainings or at least do something so it does not appear that you took a complete break from the field. Even though money counts, consistence in the career path is what will bring in the money in some cases.
When you are looking at a future in accounting then you need to be consistent and not leave people wondering you being an accountant today and tomorrow you are a marketer or you are into something complete different. One of the things that being consistent also does for you is that you become a brand in the field only when you stay and when you become the brand, others want to associate with you.
In anything you do, you need the patience to be consistent long eough so as to be recognized as a brand! I should also say that having a consistent career does not necessarily mean staying in one company for years and never leave the company! Sometimes I can also get bored about staying too long in a place but when you move from one company to the other, you need to ask yourself if you are still on the same career path! It should not be a situation where you are in HR in one company and the next day you are in accounting in another company and the next time someone is seeing you you have become the publicity persoannel of another company. This is not to say that you cannot be versatile or be skillful with different things! I strongly recommend being skillful in different fields and that will help you if there are emergency job cuts and you can fit into another place until you get back on your career path.
In writing they say, ‘content is king’ and I think I can say that ‘consistence is key’ in a career path and interestingly, you gain more content as you remain consistent so be consistent on your chosen career path.
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