Taking tough decisions (3) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Taking tough decisions between integrity or character and public acceptance is another thing that so many people are stuck in between. Unfortunately a lot of people have taken the seemingly easy way out by choosing public acceptance as a preference to integrity and character which may initially come with public rejection.
Imagine a university undergraduate who is being victimized by a lecturer because she has refused to yield to the lustful demands of the lecturer and now has to take a decision between facing the shame of failing a course and having an extra session in the university or yielding to the lecturer and getting some underserved grades to be able to graduate. In some cases the decision is coming from two categories of victims. The victims who are academically and morally weak are in the first category and the other category talks about those who are academically and morally sound but being victimized because of beauty.
Whatever the case might be one is still torn between taking a life time tough decision for either what you believe in or what you want to get. In most cases a lot of people have gone for what they want to get and not what they believe. This may have to do with a weakness in character or short sightedness.
We consistently have to take tough decisions to be able to go forward in our lives and if we don’t take the tough decisions it will look as if we are progressing for a while. In the long run the consequences of taking the easy way out will begin to hunt us. Stephen Covey in his book, 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE, talks about the behaviour of a man being determined by his values and the consequences of the behaviour being determined by principles. This simply means that you can choose what to do what you cannot choose the result of what you have done because every action comes with a reaction.
We therefore can always choose the seemingly easy way out to avoid immediate shame and leave out the real way to prolong the shame we seem to be avoiding.
I have come to realize that in a number on cases the strength of character is not in being the strongest man but in having reasons to cover up for your shortcomings and still choosing to be open enough to receive help.
Sometimes when some of these tough decisions have to be made it may look as if no one is watching but there are people who are watching in admiration of our plights and hoping that we will have enough courage to go for the tough decisions. They are usually disappointed if we don’t go for the tough decisions and often lose the admiration they had for us while we were on the verge of giving in.
To take some tough decisions sometimes we need to begin to draw inspiration from the fact that when the situation is over we will be able to stand tall with our heads held high that we did not bow to the situation. It looked as if we would be broken but we became toughened.

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