Taking tough decisions (4) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have heard both Dr. David Oyedepo and Reverend Sam Adeyemi say that decision determines destiny. They also advocated the fact that the quality of the decisions you take today will determine the quality of your life. In taking tough decisions you will also have to choose between buying material possessions for social acceptance in the society and buying personal assets that require a seemingly long term denial of pleasure to achieve what you want to achieve in life.
At a time I was working on a paper and I found out that even in situations where two different materials cost the same thing but have different impacts, people will still go for the one that has immediate impact because that is the way the natural brain is wired. It is now our responsibility to reprogramme ourselves not to always opt for the material passion that brings immediate rewards but the other possessions that have a long term rewards. One of my strong points in discussing an issue like this involves what the economists will call scale of preference.
Imagine a man who has just two hundred naira with him and has to take a decision between buying an inspirational video or buying a bottle of beer. Let’s presume that the things to be bought cost the same thing but the value of these things is to be determined by the potential buyer. If he chooses to buy either the inspirational video or the beer what is constant is that there will always be satisfaction. The next question that now needs to be asked is if the two products will give the same satisfaction. We also need to find out if the satisfaction the two products will give have the same effect on the buyer.
If a man chooses to buy beer he will have his thirst quenched at that moment but soon after that he will want more and that means extra money to get another one. He has the tendency to get drunk and to misbehave on the way home. If he does as expected then he also has the tendency to be injured. In other words, the beer does not give permanent satisfaction and excessive drinking has effects on the body.
When the same person chooses to buy an inspirational video there are chances of receiving ideas for what to do to live a better life. The video has chances to improve or enhance his mental capacity and when his mental capacity is enhanced then his earning power is enhanced. With this he can begin to earn more money and then choose what to buy.
These two products being weighed share the same price but do not have the same satisfaction and effects. Consequently it will be a tough decision for many to choose between the two.
Whatever your choice is at any time you must understand that it will always be linked up with your future. Like small but consistent dots form a line, it is pertinent to remember that our small daily tough decisions form a part of our big picture destiny.

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