Taking tough decisions (5) – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Buying a wristwatch and paying for a seminar might be options laid before you but you really have to decide which one will come first and the benefit of the two for you in the long run. It is obvious that there are many things that can substitute for a wrist watch but you may not have too many things substituting for that seminar. If you have a mobile phone your mobile phone can tell you what time it is. If you have a wall clock that can tell you what time it is. Your computer can tell you what time it is and a friend around you can tell you what time it is as well but the case if different with the seminar.
Attending a seminar where a certificate is going to issued might be what will give you the edge in a business proposition where all the people involved have nearly the same certifications. Your wrist watch will enhance your ego right there and then in the presence of those who see you but the certificate from that seminar can give you information that will fetch you so much that you can begin to give wrist watches out as gifts. It is not in any way a wrong thing to buy a wrist watch but it might just be the wrong time to buy it considering the options that are available to choose from.
It may seem right to buy a car because you need to move about for your day to day activities and your businesses but another option before you might just be to buy a plot of land for a future building project. I remember my father was using a rickety car for seventeen years because of some of his building projects instead of buying a new car. Before he settled down to say that it was the right time to buy a new car he already had about seven plots of land that he and my mum bought instead of a car. His new car would have given him prestige and the people who saw him would have admired him so much that they would want to be like him. The bitter pill is still that the car would have taken a lot from him because he would need to fuel it on daily basis and would need to service the car regularly. If people learn to take the right and tough decisions then they would have realized that some of them have houses in their fuel thanks. I said houses in their fuel thanks because the fuel they buy on daily basis will buy some bags of cement for the houses they need to build and it will buy some blocks for them.
When I was in the university I remember having to choose between buying a new pair of shoes and buying new stocks from a public offer. It was obvious I needed a new pair of shoes because the only one I was wearing was breaking already and everyone who saw me could see that the shoe was breaking. I went for the stocks because I knew that the shoes if worn consistently would be worn out in about six to nine months at that time. It was nice to be able to take a decision not to please people watching me but to prepare for my financial independence.
Sometimes when it looks as if we are stuck in the middle of taking an important decision, the decision to take will be obvious to us because one of the decisions is usually about instant satisfaction and pleasing the people who are watching us.

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