Taking tough decisions – Fola Daniel Adelesi

One of the things we always have to go through in our lives to be able to progress is to take some tough decisions and to take them as often as we can.
I do admit that it may be a soul-tearing process to take some of these decisions most times but you sure know that it the only thing to do because if you do not, you will take the easy way out for a short time and in the long run face the consequences of not taking a tough decision.
Sometimes you will be stuck between going after money or sticking to your integrity. There are times when you will be stuck between facing money or sticking to relationship or friendship. There are times you will have to think about either your vision as a priority or your family as a priority. There are times you will also have to be tough enough to say that what must come first is not your personal gratification in the things you are doing.
Some of these decisions even go worse than the ones highlighted above and they may be in between life and death situations. Someone else will say it sounds like being between the devil and the deep blue sea.
When I got out of the university it seemed as if the easy way out was to go and look for a job and a number of people taught that was the ideal thing. I knew I would feel useless in whatever office I entered into not because I was not going to offer anything to that office but because I knew my personal satisfaction comes from impacting people’s lives through talking to them. Once I take up a job I will have to be rejecting some invitations to speak and that means I will not be doing what I really want to do. This was a decision between money and my vision. Things were tough and it seemed as if the easy way out was to take a job and I really thought about taking a job especially in those discouraging moments.
One thing I kept experiencing was that at the brink of taking a step towards securing a job, thoughts of the unfulfilled vision fill my mind and I just back off. I had to stay away from the easy way to have consistent cash flow because of the people I want to impact.
Yours may not be taking up a job or thinking about your personal satisfaction. Sometimes it could be taking a tough decision to resign your present job to go and start what was laid in your heart to do.
It could be taking tough decisions about laying down your ego to talk to someone about money for a project you want to run. It could be a decision about going ahead with a marriage proposition or stepping out of the proposition because of the possible long term consequences. One of the things I have come to realize about taking tough decisions is that we usually know it is the right thing to do but we don’t want to do it because of the price to pay at that moment. Tough decisions are usually followed by tough times but they always end up in good times.

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