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Sometimes when you sit down to think about all the daily struggles of man, you are tempted to ask if they are doing all that they do because of passion or commitment or if they are just doing those things because they have no choice. In so many organisations, you don’t have to look too far before you know why the people put in so much effort! Just wait till the pay day when transaction alerts are beginning to ring out loud on other people’s phones and there is one person omitted by the accountant. From there you begin to hear all sorts of grammar and you know that money is a major motivation for working. But the question is, can the money come just from working for other people? No! While it is not in anyway wrong to work for other people, there too many people waiting to work for other people when they can use something they already have to attract more!
The other side to it is that only a few people have come to the knowledge of the fact that no one can truly pay you your real worth just by taking instruction from them and doing exactly what is expected of you. And for those who do not have jobs in paid employment but are really or desperately hoping that they will soon get some jobs, you should know that you have something going for you that can pay you far more than a job can pay you. You got your talent in you! It is yours for life! It is not like a position in an office that someone can contend with you! It is not like a salary that a company can negotiate with you or even peg for you! The talent is yours and you are the one to put a price on it based on your perceived value of it.
Talent attracts money and it attracts more money than anyone else can ever pay you just by waiting on them for daily instructions so the question is, ‘what is your talent?’. You need to know what you are gifted at or what you do effortlessly before you begin to negotiate your own gains in life. Even if you know what you can do effortlessly and you don’t do it, you still remain at the mercy of other people. The other day I was watching on television a young man who went to South Africa and for about four years was looking for a job in order to make money but the job never came. After a while he decided to learn how to barb people’s hair and he started that as a business. He’s now so good at it and he makes some good money from it. He even said that he was the one who gave a hair cut to some of the international footballers who were in South Africa recently and he definitely would have charged extra to serve them. That is just one out of many who could be using their hands or skills rather than waiting for money to come through paid employment!
Are you good at singing or speaking? Are you gifted when it comes to weaving things together? Can you sell or market very well? Then wait no more! Start something and let your talent attract money for you. Even if you already have a job, you still need to create the extra time for your talents and create products or render services from your talents. Remember you will not always be in the job and you will need something to fall back on! Don’t act like a man who is not wise knowing that you will not always be in that job and not preparing for the days when you have to leave. You should also have questions in your mind and probably think about the possibility of being fired!
Start to engage your talent from today and also place a commercial value on the talent. There are people who have your kind of talents and you may want to consider how they are using the talent to meet the needs of other people. Please note that the key is using the talent to solve the problems of other people because that is the only way it will attract money to you! Nobody pays you for just being talented! You are only paid for using the talent to meet the needs of other people. In meeting the needs of people, you have to ensure that you do not joke with giving them the best. You will be amazed at how many people are truly willing to pay for more only if they get the best.
Let your talent start attracting money for you now and do not let it go to waste! Remember that God even gets angry with people who have talents and don’t use them. He even collects what they already have and gives to others! That happens in reality in our world today! You will find people who are very talented at something but they are not doing it and those who are not as talented as they are using their talent and getting so much out of life!
Use your talent today and attract all the money you have been looking for!
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