Talent gets you there! Character keeps you there! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

So you have been told that you are a very talented person, right! Let me guess! You have also been told that you will go places and people will need you or you are going to be famous and will make a lot of money! Well I must say that all those things are true but there is one other thing they probably forgot to mention and if they have not mentioned that to you then you can go back to them and say, ‘you are not my real friends!’ No matter how talented you are, your real friends will tell you how you can go places but they will also let you know that if you are going places in life then you must have the character to sustain the success that you intend to achieve!
There are so many of us who are planning so well for success and the core of the planning seems to be the skills that we have. As much as I advocate planning it is also very important to always remember that talent and skills will get you to the top but you remain at the top by character! Have you seen the celebrities around today? Have you wondered why they become famous and make a lot of money but they are in one scandal or the other every now and then? You need not think too far! I also, honestly believe that you will go far in life but as your friend I would like to remind you that the issue is not about going very far in life as it is about sustaining the miles that you cover!
Could you for a moment think about two cars racing on the same lane and they have the same finish line? If one car starts out at top speed and suddenly increases the gap between itself and the other car, everyone is most likely to hail that driver so doing that. But have you thought about what will happen if all of a sudden the needle on the speedometer begins to drop without the driver being able to take it back up? The other driver who has been left behind will immediately catch up and also overtake! At that point, the first driver who took the initial shine will become the former leader because another person has no begun to lead! In this scenario, you and I will agree that what matters is not who starts out as the leader of the race but who ends up as the winner of the race. It’s the same thing for a lot of talented and skillful people! They will start out on a great note and outshine all their colleagues but it will not matter how talented you are if you do not have the character to sustain the success! When you do not have character, you will soon the grounded and all the other colleagues of yours that you left behind will overtake, outshine and eventually win!
It is a great thing to be very talented but you need to constantly think about what happens to the talented when you become grounded! You can avoid a thing like this by being very proactive. I think that one easy way you can now be proactive if for you to build or develop your character before the real success comes. Even if the success has started coming, you can still save yourself some embarrassment by submitting to other people who will prune, train and build you!
Don’t let your character destroy your abilities!
Think on these things!
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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