Talk is cheap when it comes from fools! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

If you really think talk is cheap then you must have been listening to fools! That’s why I have said that talk is cheap only when it comes from fools! One of the most important things I have come to understand is the fact that even when God wanted to create this earth, He only spoke words! If all he did was to talk and the earth began to form then how cheap are the words that formed the earth? I reckon with the fact that every human being has to talk because we were given a mouth to talk and by default we will listen to our parents or people around us and then we will attempt to start talking! One important thing you should always note is that it is not everyone who is talking that you should be listening to!
Even though some people think that talk is cheap, you also will recollect that some people have changed this world through talking! Some people have made history just by talking and some others have set the pace for the future just by talking. There are those who have become millionaires or even billionaires just by talking. That is what they still do till today. There are those spoke talked all through their life time but are now dead and people are still referring to the things they said several years ago! A multibillion dollar industry has been built around talking all over the world and some people still think that talk is cheap!
I have even considered writing about this mainly to remind you that it is important for you to carefully choose the people you listen to because the people you listen to will ultimately determine the output of your life! There are those who talk to your life and there will be a radical transformation because the thought provoking words will move you from a lower level of your life to a higher level of your life. There are those who also talk to you and all they every do is to discourage you from taking giant strides in life. They will never encourage you to attempt something big and they will never challenge your mind to think beyond the local environment you are in.
You have to consciously set out to choose the kind of people you listen to and those who even talk around you. They should be people who understand that the world was framed with words when God started creation and today, the words we speak still frame our future. If you think talk is cheap then I can say you have not met some speakers who speak and they earn thousands of dollars in just one or two hours! How can talk be cheap when some people understand the power of words and they are fully taking advantage of the power of words to get things done in life? Now we can also say that those who think talk is cheap are those who do not understand the power of words and the role it can play in any man’s life!
Some people say your word is your bond but I want to say that your word is your life! If you continue to listen to those who have cheap opinions then you continue to have a cheap life! When you become smart enough to start listening to those who have changed their world through talking then you stand a chance to change your own world through your words!
Whenever anyone still tells you that talk is cheap just let them know that there are those who are smiling to the bank after every speech they deliver in a meeting and that the world was form by words! Stop listening to fools as well and then you will realize how expensive talk can be!
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