Talk more than they listen – Habits of unsuccessful people 2 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sequel to the first habit which is about acting like they know it all, you will discover that people who talk more than they listen will find it difficult to go far in life.
Why is that? One of the reasons is because those who have information to help you succeed will see your attitude and they will just keep quit. A few others may try to tell you what you need to succeed but once you are not listening then they will keep quit.
I have been in conversations with people and I saw that they were not ready to listen. Once I try to talk to people who are not ready to listen I just look the other way and leave them with their ignorance.
No matter how intelligent you think you are, you must listen to other people. you should not always try to dominate the conversation among peers any time you have the opportunity to talk. Some people will always want to talk even when they have nothing to say.
I don’t recall who first brought my attention to it but someone said, ‘haven’t you noticed that God gave us one mouth and two ears?’ Why is that? The reason is so we can listen more than we talk.
When you talk more than you listen you are likely to get into trouble. Chances are that you will lose a lot of things because the information that will stop you from losing, you didn’t let the other people share with you.
I understand it takes a lot of patience to listen to other people. Some people may even be talking and it does not look like they are making any sense until you spend some time processing it. There are those who will sound right and there are those who will not sound right.
I remember hearing a deacon some months back and he said, ‘I can listen to anybody even when the person doesn’t make sense. When I listen to those who makes sense, I learn to be wise and when I listen to those who do not make sense, I learn how not to be foolish.’
For me as a public speaker, I have seen a lot of wisdom in listening to other people rather than just desiring to speak. There have been situations where I really didn’t have much to say but after listening to other people, I gain a lot of insight then I know what to say. By the time I present what I want to say, you will not even know that I got my insights because of what those other people have said.
This has helped me a lot. Don’t always strive to speak. You should try harder to listen more. In listening more than you speak, you will have fewer errors to utter and fewer people will have something to hold against you.
Even the bible says in the multitude of words, sin is not lacking. When you talk too much you may end up boasting and lying in order to feel good or acceptable to some people. We are also told that when a fool keeps silent, he will be regarded as a wise man except he opens his mouth.
I remember a day when I was teaching in a meeting. A man just walked into that meeting towards the end. I had finished teaching by the time he entered and it was question time. The man had no idea what I taught but he just assumed that my topic must have been something around the last question he heard so he raised his hands for contribution. I was shocked! I knew when he walked in and also know he didn’t really know what we were talking about. By the time he was allowed to speak, he went completely off course.
It may be hard but you appears a lot wiser when you listen more than you speak

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