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When you have dreams in your heart and you have done all that you need to do without talking yourself into the dreams, it’s like planting and not watering the plant. The words of your mouth are highly crucial to the survival of your dreams and desires in life. It is important to remind you that when you don’t say it you may never see it.
I have shared before, the story of a popular business man in Lagos, Nigeria. He was coming to Lagos as a very poor boy in a commercial luxury bus. As soon as he got to Lagos, he said he saw very tall buildings and he spoke what he wanted to have. He wanted to own one of those tall buildings and he said, ‘one day, I will also own one of those buildings.’ That sounded like something that is far-fetched. It just didn’t look possible.  The person who sat next to him gave him a hard knock on the head and told him that he was dreaming too much.
It’s been a couple of years now and that young boy already has what he spoke about back then. There are times you will say things that may not appear possible but you still have to say them. It is not a matter of what looks possible or not. It is about if you believing what you have said. That young man who spoke and was given a hard knock for his dream is now the CEO of one of the major car dealers in Lagos. He’s Cosmas Maduka, CEO of Coscharis – from Cosmas and Charity – his name and his wife’s name.
Say big things with your mouth into your life. Don’t wait for the situation to look like what you want to see. If you wait for the situation to look like it, it may never look like it. Sometimes it is like calling someone. When you don’t call the person you will not get any answer. It is only the person you have called that will answer you. If you call Daniel then Daniel will answer you. If you don’t call James or Ruth there is no way they will answer you. That is how many of the things you want in life are! They have a name! and one of the reasons they have a name is so that you can call them and tell them to come into your life or house.
Your life, in ten years from now, or any other time in the future will only be a reflection of the things you have personally called with your mouth. Call yourself what you want to become. Call the titles you want to be called by. You have to work very hard but couple with working hard, you have to call things into reality with your mouth.
One of the major proven things that happen when you call things into reality with your mouth is that your brain begins to agree with what you have said. As your brain begins to agree, it also begins to function in a different dimension and opens up answers to you. It shows you opportunities that you never knew existed and things will fall into place for you. The opposite is what happens when you keep speaking based on current realities. When you keep saying things are hard then your brain shuts down its creativity centre and totally agrees that things are hard. From then on you will realize that things are really getting harder rather than easier.
You should not talk based on what you see but based on what you want to see. When you are going to bed you dress for where you are going. When you are going out you also dress according to the outing. That means you should also speak according to where you are going and not according to where you are. To speak according to where you are is to tell your brain to stop working that you are already in your destination. That is a way to stagnate yourself in life. Nothing will work again and you may never know that it was because of what you said to yourself.
For several years I have been calling myself an International Professional Public Speaker even when I was not getting invitations to speak. It was after then that invitations began to come. It after then that I also got opportunities to speak on radio and television. It had to be so because I was saying what I wanted to see.
I know about a multi billionaire who says, ‘I am not surprised at where I am today. In fact, I would have been surprised if I am not here.’ That’s because he had been saying what he would become and where he would get to in life even when nothing around him seemed like it. I also know some people who never speak positively into their own lives. They will tell you ‘I am a realist. I like to be realistic and say things as they are.’ That’s why they may never go past where they are! Am I asking you to lie? No. Say the truth but speak about where you are going because everybody can already see where you are. Say it and don’t doubt it.
You may think this is mere motivation but you also need to know that there are people who have talked their way into their desired and prosperous future. As you say it, you work towards it. That’s why I said that what you say are highly crucial. You have to water – speak to – your investment – hardwork and efforts – for it to become what you really have pictured in your mind! Keep watering your way into your future.             

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