Talking or Thinking? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Are you talking about the problems alone or you are thinking about the problems? There are too many people who are simply talking and not thinking. I used to have a secondary school teacher who would say, ‘your mouth is running faster than your brain.’ He would say this to us back then when someone says something that does not sound wise or it looks like the person did not think it through at all before saying it.
It is a nice thing to be able to talk but you need to know that in so many cases, you have to think more than you talk. When you think more than you talk, it will be obvious by the time you are ready to talk that you have been thinking. The words will come out in a better way. You will be talking solutions after you have spent time thinking.
When you talk before you think you will only be talking about the problems. You will spend so much time fixing blames and saying who did what or who did not do something right. You have to move away from just talking and move to thinking. It is also not just to think but to think more than you talk.
I live in a talking nation for example and we have been talking for years. There are so many simple problems that can be fixed without talking too much. All we need is to sit, think and proffer the solutions. Some of them already have solutions that we can adopt from other countries and we will set up committees to talk and talk about everything.
We recently started a national conference and we have been spending billions to talk with no concrete solutions. If you are going to be very productive in life, I agree that you have to know how to talk well. You presentation skills will take you a great distance but that’s if you have also worked hard on your ability to think.
Listening to someone who only talks and does not think can be very annoying. The person takes so much of your time and does not have anything to offer you. But when you listen to someone who thinks before talking, you feel really good because you gain insights from what the person is saying. The person also saves you some time of running around and not getting things done.
If you also want to be perceived in a better light, you must think more than you talk. All the wise men that we have listened to and all the great leaders that we celebrate today only do one thing so well. They think before they talk. Beyond thinking before talking, they also listen to those who think and they read so well from those who are thinking. That’s why you can’t but agree that they are great thinkers or leaders.
If there is a situation on ground either at home or in the business place, don’t be in a hurry to talk especially if it is not a situation that warrants instant action. Even for situations that warrant instant actions, you can do better if you have always been thinking. It is only when you have not been spending time to think or rob minds with those who do that you don’t know what to do at all.
If your strategy before now has been to talk and talk and you think you can win people over in that manner, you need to rethink. Note that when you think more and talk less you are seen as a wise man and whatever you even say will be highly valued. It does not matter what situation you are in or what you need to deal with urgently. Just think before talking and always think more than you talk. That will also save you from serious troubles.

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