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We all have to come to a level in our lives where we sincerely admit that we must shoot beyond where we are at the moment and the moment the desire to shoot beyond where we are we begin to have a yearning that continuously spurs us to think about how it should be done. You must have heard that talent is not enough and obviously talent is just a tool in getting us to where we are going in life. We already know that a bullet is powerful but no matter how powerful the bullet is when we see the bullets in our hands we are not afraid of the bullet because it is not in the device that can launch it into its full capacity. The moment the bullet enters the device that can launch it at its full capacity then we know that there can be trouble if we do not take charge and apply extra caution.
You are like that bare bullet in a soldiers hands that can only be admired but not feared if you are not operating at your full capacity. People know the havoc you can cause but they know that you have not been positioned in the right device to cause that havoc so all they do is admire. The moment you enter into the right device they no longer pay attention to your appearance but they evaluate your capacity. Below are a few things that can position you in the right device where people do not only admire your appearance but consistently remind themselves of your dangerous capacity having been properly positioned.
As much as we know that talent is not everything it must also be said without any reservation that talent will stand you out from the several other people in the world. Everybody will engage a strategy and everybody will do business. Everybody will try to sell something and everybody will try to promote something but the foundation for whatever they try to do is the strong talent drawing them to a line of action. You must discover in your life what you do with ease that others seemingly struggle to do. When you find out what it is then you have found out one of the most important things in life that you will ever need to excel.
There are in born abilities that can manifest as talents but that is not what I am referring to here. When you discover a talent in you there will always be the need to look at the abilities that you have that can promote your talents and when you cannot easily find one then you will have to work on building abilities. In the process of building abilities you should never forget that ability will drive your talent to the spotlight but it will never keep you under the spotlight.
There are people who have crashed in their journeys and there are others who have had a safe landing consequent upon the talents and the abilities that they have. The difference sometimes is not because one person is more talented or the other is less talented. It is simply based on the fact that they all have capacities but had taken different lessons in life while climbing the ladders of success. As mush as it is important to have your talents and abilities you will shoot beyond the others who also have the talents and abilities going by the important values that that you have imbibed which will now guide you through unfamiliar terrains.
When you transcend the realm of working with talents, abilities and being equipped with lessons you will have to maintain loyalty to a number of things to consistently succeed. The athlete is loyal to her practice. The singer is loyal to her rehearsal. The public speaker is loyal to talking consistently and the writers are loyal to writing consistently. This is not only about the loyalty to your gifts and talents but it extends to the relationships that you keep. Your consistent loyalty to some people who believe in you will continuously propel your life. Your consistent loyalty to the principles of life will shoot you up and keep you persistently at the top. You can choose to neglect principles but it does not mean that they do not exist and you can choose to honour principles so as to give yourself a chance to be launched out by the loyalty to those principles. Principles cannot be broken but those who attempt to break them can be broken!

Fola Daniel's Appointment in December 2007 as Secretary General for year 2008
Fola Daniel's Appointment in December 2007 as Secretary General for year 2008

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