Team Building

One of the reasons people can’t get things done is not based on the fact that they do not know what to do but because they simply forget some simple truths that are pivotal to the progress of an organization. One of such things is team building.


For a lot of people, they simply think that team building is all about getting people to work on your team. On daily basis teams are being built and teams are being destroyed, sometimes usually for the funniest reasons. The greatest of ideas are falling apart because the people who should man the ideas have not learnt the art of team building.


Of all the problems that a team leader or a visionary would encounter, availability of people stands out in the list. The problem that very many leaders have tried sorting is usually with the availability of the person they need or making use of the available people. Sometimes friends of a leader may be asking the leader why on earth he or she hired a person and the response you hear is, “well, she the only available person and I have to make do with what I have.” What a terrible mistake that many people have made!


Why is it a mistake to use people simply because they are the available ones? There is a need to weigh the fact that availability is not synonymous to usability. What I simply mean is that it is not every available person that is actually usable. Issues have sprouted in very many organizations and the bottom line is that the person who is giving the team leader a headache is the one who was brought in simply because no other person was available.


On the other hand I want to say to people who intend to build a really strong team that there are exceptional cases where the available people are usable. Before anybody can be used it must be ascertained whether the person in question is teachable. When a person is available and teachable then I can agree that such a person is usable. “Teachability” is one important quality leaders should look out for in the people they want to work with.


Imagine a team comprising people who always think they are right! When it is obvious they are wrong you can be sure that they have all the points to win the arguments. It does not matter whether you win an argument or that you can get the other person to shut up when you start debating. The most important thing is that you are wrong and to continually be a vital part of the team you must be teachable.

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