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I have seen how some people whose trust is in their money have become miserable all of a sudden. They have put all their hope in their money and they think that once they get the money they have all they need. After a while, the money disappears and they realize that the money was only a temporary relief because as the money leaves, it takes their peace along!
Have you been there before? You get into a lot of pressure and some money comes in. Before you snap a finger you have become so comfortable and the money is gone. By the time the money is gone you realize that you are under pressure again! That’s what will make you realize that sometimes money can only be a temporary relief for you.
Do you realize that either as a salary earner or even a business person you keep waiting on the next money to come and when that comes you spend it and start waiting on the next? By the time the next one comes the money still does not fix all the issues and then you are waiting for the next one to come! Is it that money cannot fix problems? It is certain that money can fix a lot problems. There are some embarrassments you will not face when you have money. You will not struggle, it might be a lot easier to meet whoever you want to meet and also get so many things done.
The truth I want you to come to terms with is that money will only fix the tangible things and it is the intangible things that will give you true relief! Think about this very well. You can buy a lot of physical things and still not be happy! You can pay all your bills conveniently and realize there’s still a missing link! The missing link might be finding joy from a family or a great relationship with a partner. In a number of cases it will also be about being in tune with your maker.
When you don’t fix these things and you try to find the relief that the intangible gives from tangible things, you will just keep working and struggling. You will realize that you work hard for your pay, you get it and then work hard for the next but there is still a vaccum within!
For you to find that long lasting relief, there are questions you need to sit and ask yourself. The answer you come up with will determine where, when and how you get the relief regardless of money. Some of those questions include asking yourself what you are here to do on earth? What are you supposed to be doing or what contribution can you make to this life so that it will be a better place? It is about how you can make a mark or make a difference!
You already have the key insight I want you to run with today. It is the fact that if you put your relief in money, the inflow or outflow of money will determine when you have peace or don’t have peace! That is why you must find something else that’s also more intangible and is not controlled by mere men – purpose, vision and a relationship with your maker – so that you can have your peace all the time and your relief is also not determined by money!
Think on these things and let money lose it’s grip over your peace!

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