Tenacity of Purpose

Many of us have always been crying that we want to succeed because we have seen some people who know what it is to be a success. Becoming a success is not all about just admiring the people who are succeeding. You must have something that you are up to. You must have discovered some hidden talents that will stand as pointers to your purpose.
 The Bible is corncerned about purpose so it says that you should do whatever you hand finds to do with all your might. here comes the issue of tenacity of purpose. Nobody starts out on a platter of Gold and nobody gets things done on a platter of gold. We all are only given pedestals in life consequent upon the things that we have committed ourselves to. when you need a pedestal in life you must have been doing somethings that will require the use of that pedestal. Don’t just wake up and think that things will work the way you wish. Things don’t just work the way we think we we do not tenaciously follow a cause that stands as our direction in life.
 What are you doing with yourself? What’s your plan for tomorrow? What’s the picture on your mind about five years from now? What future do you see? Where are you going to? What are you tenacious about? Men simply succeed when they are committed to doing what they know how to do best!

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