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As I put my fingers on the computer system to encourage you again I began to remember some of the people we now call big men because they have big businesses and they are now wealthy but we hardly remember that they are people who had absolutely nothing some years back and they only got something very small to start with. The transformation in their lives was not about the big businesses but about the fact that they saw something big in those little things that they got and were willing to stick to the businesses that they started and never looked back. There were men like Leke Alder who is now referred to as the number one brand consultant in the country who started his business with less than 20 naira several years back but now charges at least 5000 dollars to speak in an event!
Should be talk about women like Ibukun Awosika who said she started her international furniture business from an uncompleted building? She had nothing to work with and all she could do was to get the local carpenters to work with so she would get some jobs and transfer to those local carpenters who would do the job and she would be pay them for those jobs. That business that started several years back from an uncompleted building with a woman giving jobs to some local carpenters now supplies furniture to banks and some other major businesses within the country.
I have no idea what you have been battling with just to make a living for yourself and probably your family but give me the honour of reminding you that it is very important for you to look beyond just making a living for you and your family! If that thing in your hand will ever grow to become a real household name amongst several other businesses then one of the things you will have to do is to make sure you don’t limit what you see to the environment that you are in. I really understand that you may have to start small just to make a living but if that’s all you ever think about then that’s all the business will ever be! If you really want to go beyond just struggling to make ends meet through that business then you need to look beyond just serving the local people around you and think about how the business can grow to be a big one!
Let me remind you that growing what’s in your hands right now to become a big business will not be an instant thing but a gradual one. In some cases the process may seem very slow but it will definitely work and it will be worth your efforts! If all you ever think about is how to make a living I bet that’s all you will ever do with that business and by the time you no longer have the energy to run the business on your own then you may never be able to make any money from it. Why don’t you start thinking about employing people even when it seems it will never happen? Sometimes all you have to do is to put the thought constantly in your mind and at some point, some new ideas on what to do in order to expand will come your way! At other times, when you imagine doing your business on a bigger platform then people who are ready to do big business will cross your path and you will be able to do big businesses but if you don’t envision it I must tell you that there are certain things that never happen on their own! They have to be called for from the thought realm before they can become our realities here on earth!
Stop looking at those things in your hands as small and as nothing! If you continue to see nothing then you will never make anything out of it but when you begin to see differently then you will begin to get different results! What are you seeing in that seemingly small business today? Are you seeing something that just feeds you and your small family alone or you are seeing something that can grow so big as to feeding other families as well?
I remember that people say, ‘it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog’ and that explains why a very small dog can be so fierce! I should also say that it’s not the size of the man in the business but the size of the business in the man! Stop looking at the small things alone! Think about the bigger picture and your smaller business will catch up with your mind!
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If you lose any of your abilities, do not lose the ability to believe in yourself again – Fola Daniel Adelesi

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