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I am looking forward to the New Year that’s just about 27 days away and I am sure you are also looking forward to it. I believe it will bring a lot of opportunities and it will afford me to start some things afresh while continuing with some others that I have already started. You and I can do a lot more in that year but if we are going to get anything out of it there has to be a game plan we are working with for the coming year.
What is your game plan for 2015? Do you have any or are you working on any plan for 2015? Do you think it is worth your time to sit and prepare a plan for the year or you think that you will just live the days of the year as they come? Can you afford to run through the year just the way you did in 2014 and always trying to ask yourself what you have done?
It’s also possible that you had a plan for 2014 and it looks like it did not work so you don’t want to write a game plan for 2015 so that you are not discouraged. You don’t see the need to get another plan since the present one did not work or it even makes you feel like a failure.
When a plan does not work, you should note it does not mean that plans are useless. There must be something that went wrong or went missing to explain why the current plan did not work. You need to take a good look at the plan. For example, some people say they are making a plan or writing their goals for the New Year but they simply write all the things they will like to achieve, adjust on or buy in the New Year. Some of them don’t say what they will do and by what time it would have been done for the goal to be achieved. If at the end of the year they don’t achieve anything they then think that plans don’t work.
There are certain things you should have in your plans or in your goals and some of them are:
1. Have written plans. Don’t say you have the plans in your head. They usually say the faintest pen is better than the brightest memory
2. Categorize the plans so that they are clearer. For instance, some of the plans will be under your personal goals. Other plans will be under your business or career goals. A few other plans will go under spiritual or developmental goals. When you categorize, it easier to see the different areas where you want a balance. It helps the goals to also look simpler.
3. Break the plans into tasks. Many of us say we have written plans but the plans don’t say what you have to do either monthly, weekly or daily to achieve the plan. My own example is that I have a plan to write 365 articles this year. So the task is that I have to write one article per day. That has given me a sense of responsibility. We are already in the first week of December and I have followed my task of writing one article per day religiously so it easier to achieve my goal of 365 articles in a year. What task does your plan commit you to?
4. Make flexible plans. I have seen that some people are too harsh on themselves with the plans they are writing. The first thing you need to note is that the plan is not more important than the overall objective. So question is do you have another way out if this plan does not work? Are there other things you can do since it is the objective that is the most important thing and not necessarily which plan you used to get it done. So don’t be too hard on yourself because a plan did not work.
Now is the time to create the game plan for 2015 so that you have a great year ahead. Always remember that you are the master of your fate and you are the captain of your soul. As you write your plan, you give your destiny a face and a voice. It helps you see or have an idea of where you will be at a certain time. Please note that old plans should also be kept. You don’t have to throw them away just because you are about to write a new one. Often times, it’s a review of the old plans that help you write a better one for the new phase you are going into.
2015 is a game and just as every coach does not go into a game without a plan, please don’t go into the new game ahead of you without a plan.

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