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If you have ever heard of the Pareto principle then the 80/20 timing for productivity will not be too hard for you to comprehend and work with. Even if you have never heard about it, now you have the chance to understand and also work with. Pareto principle proposes that from all we are doing, it is probably only twenty percent that produces eighty percent of the results we are getting.
By implication, the remaining eighty percent of all that we are doing are either just filling up our time or at best can be referred to as trial and error. Can this be true? So many people have taken the time to examine this principle to work with it and see how realistic it is. Guess what? It works like magic!
What you have to do is to take an inventory of all your activities and review the results you have been getting from all of them. By the time you give yourself and objective review of all your activities then you will see that there are only a few of the things you are doing that are giving you the bulk of the results you are getting.
If you now want to become more productive and make the most of your time, you have to apply this Pareto principle to your timing for productivity. How will this work for you? Again what you have to do is to think about all the things you have been doing with your time. I suggest you even make a list. Let it contain all that you do with your time including the very trivial things. Once you have the full list, start allotting some time to each activity to remind yourself exactly how much time you spend on those activities daily.
The next thing for you to do is to ask which of these activities have been more rewarding and which one has not given you any or very little and inconsequential results? Start striking out those ones that give you little or inconsequential results! Once that is done, allot more time to the activities that have given you more results so that you can get a better result.
When you take a look at this, it is like planning effectively with your time and having the end in mind. Many people think that they cannot decide their future but they have forgotten that the future is simply going to be decided by the things you are doing today.
In another light it is like being in business and reviewing which business has been profitable and which one has not been profitable for you. When you take a look at the unprofitable business you will stop it and focus on the profitable ones.
Your time is a serious business and going by the Pareto principle, it is not how much time you have that matters but what you do with the time. I remember seeing a quotation on the door of one of my teachers in Mayflower School which reads ‘it’s not the hours that count but what you put into it.’ Some people may have so much time and do so many things that will only yield little results but others will have little time and do little but get more rewarding results.
Think today! Engage the 80/20 principle for timing and productivity so that whatever little time is left for what you have to do can be maximized.
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