The ability to worry! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Too many people worry too much because they have the ability to worry and they forget so often that the things they are worrying about are often times the things they cannot do anything about! We do you waste precious time worrying so much about something you cannot change? Why do we overwork ourselves and get into unnecessary emotional trauma for some of the things that may even just fix themselves? Some so much from the time they wake up in the morning up until the time the go to bed at night and it almost looks like worrying is all they do for a living! Some even get so worried that they begin to think they might soon get worried about worry itself!
We all need to calm down and relax sometimes. What are the things we even worry about and we also need to ask if those things are worth the health we might lose for worrying too much? What is it that you are worrying so much about that you would like to die for? When we don’t take things easy some of us may have to learn the hard way just as others have done! There are those who have landed in the hospital for days before accepting the fact that some of the things they worry about are not really worth the while.
Instead of worrying too much about something why don’t you think about what you can do rather than appear so helpless! You can fix things when you think about the solution and not when you are so concerned that you have a problem and all you think about is how big the problem is! It is very important for us to always look away from problems and look towards solutions so that we can even live longer. Look, my dear friend the truth is that if you die someone else will continue that business you are worrying about so you cannot afford to kill yourself over it! We really need you around because there are so many challenges that need solution and you can be a part of the solution.
Are you worrying about your children? Are you bothered about your finances? Do you have a problem with getting accommodation? Have you invested so much in a business and it looks like you are about to lose all you ever worked for? Well I feel deeply sorry that you might be going through any of such right now but it is very important you also note that none of those things is really worth dying for! If you are alive you can still change things! You can try other businesses! You children can come back to being straight and turning away from all known vices!
Killing yourself does not in any way solve any problem and the only thing you really have to do is to stop worrying and start working on solutions to those things you worry about. One of the things I now do is to look away from those things that may want to get me worried or to face something else that I don’t need to worry about! When that is done then I can come back to think about what needs to be done. Life is great and we all can enjoy it with all the potential worries it poses. It’s all the potential worries that sometimes put us on our toes on daily basis and pushing us to work very hard but we must not give in to worry too much especially about those things we cannot change!
Do not allow your ability to worry take your opportunity to live! Live life and do less of worrying!
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