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Sometimes when we receive a dream, an idea or a vision that requires action, we often think that we have some time to prepare for the implementation. While it is true that we should have some time to prepare and to implement, some people often presume more than the time they really have. So while they are taking all the time in world to prepare for an assignment they are already losing the time allotted to the idea.
You need to treat the assignment as urgent because of two reasons. The assignment you have been given has a life span. There is a time frame within which all the opportunities for those ideas will come to you. the people who will help you with the ideas have a limited time to do so. The ground is only fertile for certain fruits in some seasons and that’s the way it is with your ideas. When you refuse to take all the necessary help and harness them in the right time, you will no longer be able to execute as planned.
The other reason you need to consider is the fact that you also have a life span. There is a time frame given to every human being on earth. You will not live for ever and even while you are alive there is a time when you can be active and there is another phase when you cannot be active. You can only get things done yourself when you engage and implement in your active years. If you don’t do what is needful in your active years then your years or retirement or your resting years on earth will be almost frustrating for you. Rather than enjoying what you have done in those years you will simply be thinking about the things you could not do. I’m also sure you don’t want the second half of your years to be filled with regrets.
You have been given an assignment here on earth and the reality is just that you don’t have all the time in the world for it. Sometimes you need to view your life assignment as the examinations you take in schools. As soon as you are given the question papers, you will see all the instructions there. One of the most important instructions for any examination you are taking is the time allotted to answer all the questions.
There will be times when you see so many questions and you will have very little time. Some start complaining that the time is not enough but the really smart ones don’t do that. Instead of complaining about the inadequate time, they simply split that time given and allot a portion to all the questions they must answer. Then they start looking for the questions that may take more time or the ones that are easier to answer for them.
If we treat our lives and the assignments that we have in life like this then you will see that no one will waste time in getting things done. we all keep complaining there is no time but we end up wasting more time compared to the time we have used pursuing worthy causes or doing anything productive at all.
Be reminded that your assignment is urgent and must be treated as such. We all don’t want to die young or die before our time. But each time people say they don’t want to die before their time the question is what is your time? Do you know when you are dying? If you don’t know your time, even though you have faith that you will live long, you should still have a sense of urgency towards the assignment that you have in life and never think that you can take all the time in the world.
If you have been treating your assignment as though they are normal and can be done at any time, you have to seat up. You don’t have all the time in the world and the assignment is truly urgent. Get to work now and make the most of the little time you have. Some people even have lesser time compared to how much time they’ve spent already. Don’t relent. Keep working and keep going until you are certain you have done a major part of your work in life.

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