The BEST from the BEAST | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

The best from the beast | © Fola Daniel Adelesi
You may have people in your office, your neighbourhood, within the family or in any other place that you may have found yourself and you are really having a tough time with these people because you think there is no other word to describe them than to just say that they are beasts. Their characters could have been very wild and unimaginable especially when you seem to have them excessively reacting to everything around and to everyone available.
In your own conclusion you have said there is no other description but to just call them beasts and to have them secluded or socially ostracized first from your mind then from the physical set up of the organization and the society. We all have a way of gradually but even strategically cutting of people who do not seem to align with our gentlemanly core values or etiquette code by which we operate all the time.
In whatever you do regarding staying away or cutting off some people because they look like misfits around you, you just might take another look and realize that the beast also has the best in her that could be allowed to come forth naturally. The real truth is that someone also gave us the chance that let out the best in us so we really did not know that what that other person also needs is a chance to let the best innate abilities come forth. Every man living or dead has the beast part and the best part somewhere within but what part is coming forth is determined by what the person is faced with.
If you think you have been refined then what makes you think that the other person too cannot be refined? You may want to talk about how dirty this person has been and how clean you have been. Well I know that is very obvious but beyond the obvious, you need to remember that if you have been I the same circumstances with that person you could be doing a lot worse than the person is doing at the moment! We find it so easy to judge other people for what they have become at the moment and we never even take a look at what they can become because we have written them off in our minds. Someone of these people are looking at us helplessly because they are looking at us and they want to be helped but all they get is condemnation. Deep down inside them they are saying, you only open your mouth to judge me and call me names but you don’t even have an idea of who I am and how much I really want to be clean, decent and straight!
There are way too many people out there that we have written off in our minds as the no-do-gooders or to say that they will never amount t o anything yet, if given a chance, the beast will suddenly turn around and the best will surface.
Lets learn to give people a second shot at life. After all, life itself is giving them a second chance and that is why they are alive today! If life didnt think they deserved a second chance then they would have died a long time ago. Lets stop looking at the beast in people and start seeing and helping to bring out the best in them!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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