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Once in a while you can get a jolt in life and in your business. It can be in the field where you have planned to start and build a career or even in your family. We just don’t expect certain things to happen but they do happen to us and when they sometimes happen, we let them shake us and move us out of line in life.
The truth is that we have a choice. Things can happen and try to shake us or push us out of line but what will happen does not depend on the unexpected things. What will happen depends so much on us and how we respond to the things happening.
My example is one of the things I used to think about sometimes. No one expects that he or she will be involved in an accident but let’s just picture a situation where that happens. I usually ask myself what I can do if anything happens to my leg. Does that mean I will end my career because I lost my legs? What if you lose your hands? Will you lose your jobs totally or will your businesses come to a standstill just because you lost your hands?
Each time I visualize that undesirable possibility, I start thinking about what mode I can switch into. So it’s about what can I still do to make the most of the situation despite the terrible things that may have happened.
There are so many people who just become crippled by circumstances as soon as things go wrong. You have to be able to move over to the other side. You should no longer be that person that things happen to and you don’t know what to do or you now have to rely on other people to get things done and also make a living. You should be that person who can still make the most of whatever happens to you.
I am simply challenging you to be that person that makes opportunity out of adversity. Instead of giving people a chance to pity you because of the jolts you have had in life you can give them the chance to celebrate you. things will always happen to every one of us. Most times they will be things we don’t like. Does that mean we should stop living life? You can’t stop living life.
You need to even remember that the reason people will sometimes celebrate you is not because you did something out of this world but because you still keep on despite what you have experienced. You are not a product of circumstances. You are the one who controls the circumstances.
Start thinking more about your power to control circumstances much more than you think about what circumstances do to you. Some people can’t change and they will be victims of circumstances simply because they think they can’t change situations they find themselves in.
You are powerful – full of power – and can make the most of anything that happens to you so go ahead and get the best from even the most unexpected.

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