The bill is on God | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Recently after a fairly long phone call, I was expecting the telecoms company to show me the bill for that phone call. When nothing popped up as usual after the call, it then occurred to me that I wasn’t the person who called. It was the other person I spoke with who called and the bill would have been sent to that person.
Almost immediately, it also struck me that it’s the same thing with God when he calls us. It’s not possible for God to call you and the bill comes to you. God is the one who called you and the bill will always go to him. If many of us realised this or remember this, life will be a lot easier for us.
There are too many people out there acting like they called God and are always looking for ways to pay the bills. In most cases when someone invites you to lunch, it means the person has the cost figured out and has probably paid for it or has set aside the money to pay for it. Yours is just to show up, be friendly and simply eat! You are not to go about requesting the cost of the launch or trying to help out the person who invited you for lunch.
Several things are running through my mind about the different areas of our lives where we try to help God pay the bills. The first thing we need to remember is that we didn’t bring ourselves here. If he brought us here then he has a plan and if we follow his plan, then we will be able to work, make money as we desire and pay the bills in front of us.
Generally, God called all of us and has our bills figured out but specifically, if he called you into ministry then you should note that you are not the one to pay the bills. What you have to do is to follow his instructions and as you do, he shows you who pays the bills or just brings someone in to pay the bills.
Put your mind at rest. Stop sweating over something that’s not your responsibility. In the first place, it was never something you could fix by yourself. When God is doing something, he is doing it all by himself. He only needs human faces but those human faces will be foolish to think that they are the ones getting the jobs done.
You are not God and will never be God so you will not be able to play the role of God. Any attempt to do that will break you or get you into some real trouble that you can’t even imagine. Just relax and play your part as expected while remembering that he bill is on God and not you.
In fact, have you been able to pay all your own bills? Can you possibly fix everything you want for yourself in life? If you can’t, how then did you get it into your mind that you want to fix things for God? The owner of the bill is more than able to pay the bills so let him pay it when and how he wants it paid!

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