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Most of us do not like pains but after reading a book like ‘where is God when it hurts’ by Phillip Yancey, I got a different perception of pains and I saw pain, to an extent, from the perspective of blessings. It may be very hard for us to admit that pain has a measure of blessing but when we look at the pains we all experience we can find some blessings in the pain. I’ll take a bit of my proposition from the perspective of Phillip Yancey in his book and that might go a long way in helping us see pains differently.
Did you know that if you cannot feel pains you would actually be dead by now? Pain is one of the greatest mechanisms that God has put inside us as human beings to help our survival on earth. When something hurts you once you will not want to go near it again or allow it to come close to you! The reason you will do that is because you have experienced some pains. If you never experienced pains you will not know that something hurts and can end up killing you. If a knife cuts you once you do away with the knife and you will be very careful the next time you have to use a knife because you already have an experience with the knife. If you had not been cut by the knife, you may just continue to watch the knife as it slices through your legs or your hands and until it slices through your neck one day! The only reason that will not happen is because you have been hurt by a knife and you know what it can do when it touches your skin!
Phillip Yancey told the story of a couple of people who could not feel pains anymore and they were dying gradually as result of the fact that they cannot feel pains. It was then I realized that the inability to feel pains is a disease! One of the people whose stories were told was a kid who would cut herself without feeling pains and blood will come out. Her mother would be terrified but the child felt nothing so she did not know what was going on! As she grew a bit holder, she began to use her inability to feel pains against her mother. She knew her mother would be terrified if she cut herself and blood comes out so whenever she needed something and the mother was not ready to give it, she would cut herself! There was also the story of some people in a kind of a hospital who didn’t feel any pain as well. After a while the doctors noticed that their toes were being chopped off overnight but nobody knew what was happening until the day they decided to monitor what was going on. They eventually realized that it was rats that would come and chop off their toes but the people did not feel it because they had no ability to feel pains!
As I read those stories, I remembered that pains are unpleasant but the ability to feel those pains is actually a blessing and we must never forget to be thankful for the ability to feel pains! If we cannot feel pains, we would have continued with several destructive attitudes and we probably would be dead by now. Even if we are not dead, it is possible that we would be a mess at the moment because so many things that should not have been done to us would have been done as a result of our inability to feel pains!
Are you feeling pains today in any part of your body or with any other issue? Is it something that the doctors cannot handle or you have a mountain of drugs before you? I pray you will be healed and the pains will go but your ability to feel pains remains a blessing because when we stop feeling pains we start dying!
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